I have a new piece we just got in that will bring residual powers and energies that will embrace your desires through a Generative Genie. You will not have to worry about the tension and fusion of bonding that is needed with some Djinns... as this genie wants to help, and work for, a master. <br /><br />

Currently he has been invigorated into this piece. He will be thrilled to have a new master to honor and work for.<br /><br />

You simply need to wear this item and you will release Abhishek, the Genie, into your life! <br /><br />

He will interject his powers to connect with your aura and instill blessings that will enable you to be able to: change your appearance, increase strength and power as you age, and allows you to  control the elements through a natural ability that allows humans to know their true nature.<br /><br />

Abhishek has powers that humans do not... and things that cannot even be obtained through magical study. His obtainment of powers is a true endearment of spiritual strength and guidance.<br /><br />

Many are looking for assistance and want help to learn about powers and magic; this item is your answer --- Abhishek is an extremely strong force that will truly bring enchanted change into your life.<br /><br />

As The new owner, you might experience unexplainable activities, shadows on wall, random floating orbs, you will experience passages of freezing air, you will hear indistinct words and pieces of sentences, and sometimes you will have the feeling that somebody is watching you... And that is just the beginning!!!!! <br /><br />

You will feel a cooling sensation when you first place this on and that signifies that the Genie is manifesting with your spirit~<br /><br />

Great piece!<br /><br />


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