The items that are held on this chain are replications of ancient Roman Coins. The original coins that these powers were transferred from were originally owned by a man named Abraxas, who was a tax collector for the Holy Roman Emporer Vespasian. I don't know if you know anything about this emporer, but he enjoyed collecting his tax and his wealth. We have the original pieces, but we are not offering those for purchase. This replication holds all the original powers of the original coins. Abraxas received his original coins from a Roman witch who was too poor to afford to pay her taxes. She charmed Abraxas' coins with extreme white light wealth power, telling Abraxas that her coins held special powers. Abraxas, not much a believer of magic, felt compassion for the witch, which was uncommon in those days. He accepted what she had, but thought nothing of it. He was gone for a few days with the coins, on his way to give the Emporer his dues, when the powers in his coins began to kick in. Abraxas went from being a hated tax collector to part of the Roman uppercrust society. He found new wealth in many of his business and trading ventures. He became independently wealth and officially retired from tax collecting altogehter. Again, these coins are replications. They hold the original powers of Abraxas' coins. They will bring extreme, white light wealth into your life, to transform what could've been into what will be!!
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