The Pagoda in Reading, PA is obviously not the normal architectural design you'd expect to find in the area. Inspired by a Philippines postcard and built in 1908, it was to be used as a hotel. The hotel was denied a liquor license and never succeeded. The Pagoda was then sold to a prominent businessman in the area. One year later it was sold to the City of Reading for $1.

Before telephones and television, the Pagoda acted as a message service. The lights on the Pagoda acted as Morse code for the townspeople below, offering news and sports updates with the flashing of the lights. The Pagoda stands 72 feet high and sits 886 feet above the City of Reading.

The lights still are surged at different time with secret messages that are sent to the aliens in outerspace. There have been countless sighting at, and around,the Pagoda of UFOs.

We have been investigating this one for years now and recently met a Corporal leader who came clean and told us that there has been proven connections with extraterrestrials and this is a post that is signaled and sends signals of messges to them above.

There was government hands in the building of this, and the story that it was going to be a hotel was made up so that the people who lived nearby would not question it as much.

Many visitors do come to the Pagoda when in the area and there are thousands of stories of people who have had experiences and many who say they were taken upon a spacecraft~

The Corporal leader that we got to spend time with gave us a ring that looks like 4 skulls, but if you look closely the eyes are shaped differently -- as these are portal skulls of aliens!

He has been fascinated with the paranormal for centuries and after his encounters with the aliens in Reading, he wanted to spread the word -- but being in his position in the military he would be killed. So we vowed to the secrecy of his identity and he gave us this piece!

This ring will astrally project you into outerspace and the extraterrestrials will enrich you with their knowledge and trust you because you have a symbol of peace, the ring, that will grant you access.

Do not try to harm them, as if you are showcased as a trader by your actions you will be harmed... this is your full access pass to see what many only dream about... the truth of our other worldly creatures!

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