12 Strand DNA Activation is the activation of the double helix which exists in our three-dimensional plane of existence as well as the five other double helices which exist at a higher vibratory rate and are therefore unobservable.

The activation of all 12 strands (six double helices) can have tremendous therapeutic value.

We are all aware of the double helix which is easily observable in a three dimensional plane. However, the other five pairs of helices are unobservable in this plane and are only observable in a four dimensional reality.

These ten additional helices (5 pairs) are instrumental in our spiritual development and have therefore recently become a popular topic among the scientific and metaphysical community.

By using this powerful item, you will be able to activate the latent power which resides in all twelve strands of your DNA.

This enables you to alter your present and create your future not only in a physical realm but also in a metaphysical realm. Certainly it is true that what we focus on becomes our reality. So, the focus on a powerful reality is always the best choice.

Often we find that we are lacking in a plan to change our present and/or future. The code within the DNA both physically and metaphysically is the very basic part of any actual measurable change which we could make.

Therefore by activating the entire DNA, both the observable DNA and the unobservable DNA we can actually change our lives for the better.

This exquisite piece provides a very simple, yet effective, method by which you can activate the twelve strands of your DNA. You can live your life on your terms and create your own future. One of the advantages to twelve strand DNA activating is the improvement of your attitude, your health, your appearance, and the likelihood of you succeeding in many of your endeavors both physically and spiritually.

** There are only 2 of these available -- so do not delay!! Activating the energies in your 12 strands of DNA is incredible, and will bring great change your way.

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