his is a lot different then the one I did have. This is to cause addiction to yourself by another person. It works on both male and female. This is a Tantric spell cast item. To make this there were many people engaging in sexual activity,some human,some inhuman,some of them other beings. These are very hard for me to get because the only way they can do these Tantric spells is when someone dies naturally and another takes their place. The passed on person then has an item or two casted for another. These are usually very rare and very expensive even if they are made of junk. The other members keep the better pieces. The idea is to constantly build an energy source with no one ever escaping. They get to move on but a part of the energy remains. So if they had 40 people and someone dies now they have 41 people. They added another but the passed on persons energy remains. All of these items are sex related because they feel that a higher operating level can be obtained when that type of energy is given off. I also believe this because I have seen and done it.The piece your looking at is vintage and well made.It is in sterling silver and comes with a real stone plus you can add more to it if you like. When wearing this you will feel the energy and it is heavy,not light but that doesn't mean bad. You can use this around the person you seek out and feel them gravitate to you. If worn during sex get prepared to enjoy not only a sexual experience but an enlightening one as well.The song reminds me of someone I feel I have a terrible addiction to. Make them have one for you as well. EE End Qty= 0 (01-24-09)
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