I know it sounds trivial, but one of my favorite past times is lying on the ground at night time, face up, staring at the stars. The are an amazing sight in their own right, these little balls of flaming gas. Okay, okay, my point is, have you ever wondered, “What if?” What if we aren’t alone in the universe? What if the human race wasn’t the first group to inhabit the earth. What if their exists, just beyond the sight of human scientists a civilization even more ancient than our own? Well, they do exist. I can say this confidently, because I have proof that they exist.

We were able to obtain this piece from Adita, who you all know by now is our correspondent from the continent, Asia. She was able to find this piece in a cave that was actually carve into the mountainside of the Himalayan Mountains. Here’s the story. In the early 1900’s a group of Chinese researchers located an oddity in the Himalayan Mountains. At the Bayan-Kara-Ula in Qinghai, right at the border of China and Tibet, the group a network of underground passageways and chambers. These chambers were most certainly artificially made, as they were perfectly square and glazed, as if they were created using extreme heat.

Further, in the network, the researchers located a series of tiny graves, containing the skeletal remains of tiny beings. These remains were no more than 4’ 4” in height, contained abnormally large heads and thin, frail bodies. The tombs contained hundreds of discs, a mere foot in diameter. On the discs were inscriptions-- inscriptions that until now have not been able to be correctly identified or interpreted. However, it is believed that this series of underground tunnels, rooms, and tombs is the product of an ancient, extraterrestrial race that existed on Earth well before the human civilization itself existed.

Adita was overtaken with curiosity on the subject, so in 2004, she decided to stake out an investigation into the Himalayan wilderness. She took a her own team of researchers with her, and her trip turned up great results. She was actually able to discover a different sector of hidden rooms and tombs, from which she was able to gather her own supply of the Dropa Stones. She spent a while attempting to solve the riddle of the inscriptions and was able to do so successfully. Adita has determined that each stone contains the spirit an ancient extraterrestrial. She has been able to channel some of these spirit into the piece above.

It has been determined by our staff of professionals that the power from the Dropa Stones will provide the possessor with intergalactic spiritual enlightenment, providing the possessor with secrets to the ancient alien race. With this piece, you will know the secrets of intergalactic travels, both spiritually and physically. You will given the secrets of bending time, being able to travel forward and backward in time at your discretion. You will be given the power of extraterrestrial immortality, as the remains found in the tombs were simply a stage of the alien nation’s metamorphosis. Lastly, your spiritual enlightenment will expend you the ability to communicate with the now spiritual race of aliens, being able to see and identify them as they come and go in our realm. The spirit that inhabits this particular piece will act as your spiritual guardian eliminating any and all perpetrators that may wish to cause you harm or sorrow.
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