Life can get compicated and we stress ourselves out trying to fit into the mold that society has set forth. In trying to be something, or someone, we are not.. we jeopardize the fate that has been instilled for our life. <br /><br />

Love is an important factor that affects every other aspect of our existence. Many people are threatened to give of themselves and think that being single is their choice -- but normally it is not, it is because they cannot find someone they connect with.. whom they can trust with their heart and know will love them in return!<br /><br />

This necklace adorns the knowledge that was sequestered upon Melody Hines, a spinster who was always put down by others. Melody had a great passion for flowers. She went to school for Horticulture and Floral Design and worked hard to eventually be able to open her own shop.<br /><br />

With her busy schedule and strive for success the years slipped by and she never took the time to try and meet someone. Most men who came into the shop were there to get a gift for their girlfriend, or wife -- so there was never a chance there and she would always be so tired that she would just go home after work. <br /><br />

She found herself in her 40's, single and lonely. Yes she still loved her job, but she needed more than a career to keep her warm at night.<br /><br />

She contacted a love gypsy who developed a heart piece for her. Within 3 months she was finding that she was meeting men all over. Odd occurrences at the coffee shop, the gas station and even at her flower boutique. <br /><br />

Years of waiting to be noticed exploded upon her spirit and she soon met Greg. Greg and Melody dated for 2 years and then got married. Every 5 years Greg contated the love gypsy and got Melody another charm for her necklace to ensure that his love remained.<br /><br />

After 20 + years of marriage and happiness, Melody knows her love is true. Her necklace meant everything to her, but then she saw a friend in a similar situation and asked Greg what he thought about her passing on her legacy necklace --- and this is what she did.<br /><br />

This piece has made many happy couples and now is available to you!<br /><br />

You will not be looking much longer for that special someone, as this will prevail your love life with pure, true desire!<br /><br />


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