This piece was gifted with the advanced knowledge of extra terrestrial beings. Wearing this piece gives the one adorning it the ability to not only use a higher percentage of their brain, but also unlocks the ability to have premonitions of one's future. Just place the piece outside during a cloudless, star filled night, so the powers of the aliens can be sure to reach the piece by way of telepathic linkage. Be sure to do this as many nights as possible as the piece needs to charge itself to retain the powers it gives off. The piece is very powerful and shouldn't be worn by those who aren't mentally prepared for its gifts.  <br /><br />

When using the piece to attain the knowledge it holds, just wear the piece after a full night of charging, find a quiet place to sit, close your eyes and focus on the piece. Do not allow any other thought to enter your mind other than the piece, and before you know it you'll loose control of your thoughts, and the knowledge of the advanced aliens will fill your mind, answering great mysteries of space and teaching you the ways of the advanced alien culture that are connected to this piece. <br /><br />

The ability to see into your own future is also a gift from these distant lifeforms. Just adorn the piece while going about your normal day, and premonitions of the future will enter your mind. There is no known way to control these premonitions, all that is known about them is that they come about when your future contains information that is considered vital by the advanced aliens. With this piece, no one will ever question your intelligence again, as your intelligence will rise above everyone else's! Available now at Haunted Curiosities!

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