Have you heard about the encounter of alien lifeforms in Topeka, Kansas? There had been reported signs for the past year, but just last week there was finally an interaction with the human race!

The beings came forward and after trying to get away due to fear, the aliens bolted to the humans and placed their hands upon their heads and filled them with advanced thoughts!

Not to be mean to people who live in Kansas, but the people who were chosen, were known as rednecks and were not very educated. After the infusion of their encounter, they are now impressing everyone with their heightened IQ's!

Everyone knows that something had to occur, as out of the 5 who were visited, 4 did not even finish high school -- and they truly had below average - average IQ's.

The one woman kept talking about her pendant, she said "I do not dress up much, I am a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl, so it is hard to find a nice plain pendant, but I found this black, onyx stlye one, and then after this happened I awoke and noticed that my pendant was all but glowing!"

Deedee contacted this woman right away and we were able to get this piece! It is incredible -- we rushed this through the testing process so it could be listed, as the piece is truly remarkable!

The strong force in this item will unite the powers of the extraterrestrials and impart your mind with the strengthened thoughts, knowledge and ideas that were imparted upon those who were chosen!

You can choose to be the next one granted pure essential knowledge, and be able to understand how aliens view the world. They are all at genius level from the research that has been uncovered, so they think we are all beneath them-- rise to their level and new found rites of passage and fundamentals of knowledge will radiate within you!

This pendant is amazing,  and as far as we know one of a kind!!

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