Aeolian Harp

This piece is something that we didn't exactly expect to be coming across; sometimes these things happens. It's the magic and destiny that draws us to some of the items that we offer you. This is one of those items. We are proud of this item, because we happened upon it by chance. It makes it that much more meaningful, like we were supposed to find it, like it was a designated part of our destiny. Anyway, here's what happened.

If you guys don't know, which most of you probably don't, Dee Dee loves country scenery. From time to time, when Dee Dee needs a time out for relaxation from reality and the stress found within, we take her for a drive. Being that I have lived in the same relatively rural neighborhood (we live about 20 minutes from the Amish capital of the world!!) since I was about three years old, I have no problem navigating the back roads in the area. During this time, it is customary for Dee Dee to get besides herself, throw her hands out of the passenger side window and yell Earth.

It was during one of these excursions that we found the power that we are going to offer you. At first, when Jason, Dee Dee, and I piled into the car, I figured it was just going to be another one these "normal" (for all intents and purposes) trips. About two miles into a drive which I was taking up the backside of a mountain, Dee Dee through her arms out of the window. I was expecting to hear her shout Earth. Instead her eyes lit up and she yelled, "Ooooh, check that out!!" Now, I had navigated this road many times before, but had never spotted the building that Dee Dee pointed out. Then again, she just has a natural knack for this kind of stuff.

Naturally, one thing led to another and we found ourselves climbing the bank of a small stream, back a wooded path to get to the building that Dee Dee managed to spot in a clearing as big as Waldo's head in a "Where's Waldo" children. It was well worth it, though. When we reached the clearing, it was like time and the world stood still and magic took over. Amidst the clearing was a tiny little cottage that had quite obviously been abandoned, but had aged with beauty and nostalgia.

A little brook cut through the trees, babbling quietly and serving as a small tributary to the larger stream we had just crossed to get to the clearing in the first place. There were rocks and oaks with moss growing on them and a tiny little wood shed adjacent to the cottage and on the other side of the brook. It really looked like something out of a storybook.

Jason decided it would be a good idea to explore the cottage. By this point it was inevitable, so we all agreed. There were many interesting things that we found inside of the cottage. The most interesting thing that we found in the cottage was a harp, but not just any harp. This harp is what is known as an Aeolian Harp.

The Aeolian Harp is named after the ancient Greek god of the wind, Aeolus. This particular type of harp is "played" by the wind and designed to catch the breeze to make beautiful music. In this instance the harp that we found was hand crafted by the previous owner of the cottage. It wasn't an original in the sense that it actually dated back to the Romantic Era when these harps were very popular, but it was original in as much as it was crafted by hand from the oak trees that dotted this mountain like sprinkles on an ice cream cone.

The harp was found in a small room that also housed a piano and a large wooden recreation of the Resurrection crafted out of the same oak as the harp. As we entered the room, the sun shone in the eastern window, illuminating the small alter to Christ. A breeze stirred up and the harp began to a harmonic melody. It was peaceful and put us all at ease. Dee Dee decided that since the harp wasn't getting any use here that we should take it with us; so we did.

About a week later, I was in the office working when the strings of the harp were caught in a breeze that was coming in the window. I was put into a trance. I was taken back in time, to watch as the cottage we had previously visited was constructed by a woman who was determined to serve Jesus Christ in solitude and fortitude. She moved to the mountains to live off the land and to thank God for every blessed day that went by. To honor and thank the Lord, she built the harp to blow in the breeze and make a joyful noise.

God blessed the music of the small harp, giving anyone who hears the music the gift of spiritual sanctification and wholeness. When the woman became to elderly to fend for herself, god sent the angels to deliver her unto him in the rare miracle known as the Kiss of God, similar to the prophet Elijah. The divinity of her soul lingered on, eventually attaching itself to the harp.

While hearing the voice of the harp, one receives spiritual divination from God. He will send the angels to you to open your eyes and allow you to see. You will become spiritually whole, being capable of divine and miraculous powers. This energy emanates directly from the Third Heaven, which is where all magical essences are kept preserved in time. This piece will give you connection with the spirits that you've never had before. It will open your spiritual eyes, or strengthen the ability you already have.

We have been able to attach the power that radiates from the harp. This item encompasses all the divine nature found in the music of the harp. It will radiate its power into after body contact has been made. It is a very powerful piece and will make you like the angels. We are keeping the harp, but this is just as powerful!!

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