This is Talib and she is an African Shaman that becomes possessed with power and passes it on to you. She is like a djin but fully gives YOU the power so there is no asking or bonding. She comes from the region of the Tree of Life. She was born under a full moon,guided by the angelic realm and made a vessel upon birth. 
Talib a full vessel is just that a living vessel. You tell her what you want and there is no need to ask,you just tell her. She was made for this work and made to fall into the hands that would adore,love and make use of her. She comes directly from my friend who used this piece as her empty vessel and place of rest.
You need to activate her by giving her some sugar,that is it. You lay her on a small dish and place pone teaspoon of sugar near her. You need to do this for one day.
Some of the things you can ask of her are the same things you would ask of a djinn excpet you can ask for healing,pain relief,a better living situation and even revenge. Yes I know she was guided by the angelic realm but that realm includes both dark and light angels. You decide what you want just as you do in your life now. There is no karma because Talib takes it on herself and disposes of it. She is the only creature that I know who can do that other then Christ himself. She appears (if she does) as a very tall and beautiful dark skinned black woman. She is so black she shines and her hair is a full gorgeous afro! She is all natural and embraces her appearance as she should.
Do not hold back on what you want. She loves and embraces all cultures and races and to be honest she is one of the nicest spirits I have come across. You want to hug her when you get to know her. She is one incredible being!
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