The Culper Ring was a spy ring organized by Major Benjamin Tallmage at the request of General George Washinton in 1778.  It was so secretive that not even Washington knew all the members and details of the organization weren't revealed until 1930.

The group is credited with leaking misinformation of Washington's imminent attack on New York City to keep the British from mounting an assault on the newly arrived French Army.  Members were ordinary citizens living inside occupied British territory. One operative, known only as Agent  355, the numbers refers to "a lady" in the spy ring's codebook was from a prominent, loyalist family in New York.  A position which would have put her in touch with British commanders.  

Speculation surrounds the identity of Agent 355 and theories range from ones questioning her existence to those crediting her with exposing Benedict Arnold's plan to sell details of West Point to the British.  With such disparity among historians, one should consider the possibility of the paranormal.

We have uncovered Agents 355's identity!  It is Anna Smith Strong.  Dee was contacted by her great-great-great grandson to perform a seance where her identity was confirmed.  She was also given an item worn by Anna Smith during her time as a spy.  The family believes it has special powers and was worn by Dee during the seance.

What I found out at the end of the seance was that her grandson,great,great,great had a diary that he held sacred because he was into Ancient Faces where you do a family tree. He knew before the seance that the piece held supernatural powers and also knew where it all came from. In that day it was hard for a woman to do anything other then wash the clothes and cook. This woman was out there,one of the very first spies.

What I learned is that she belonged to a now defunked society called the Medis Blue Enchantment society for the enlightenmemt age. Which is you know about history the age of enlightenment had not yet come so they were ahead of their time.  This piece is in sterling silver and is very old,very,very old. What it posesses are these qualities.


The ability to not be seen. I can see how this would be beneficial for a woman at that time. Also it posesses these other supernatural abilities as well.


 Echolocation- This is the ability to see in total darkness. I'm guessing this woukd be another great one if you were a spy. This is very rare and is also something that vampires have.

Eidetic memory- This is the ability to remember everything down to the last word you ever read. All images you have seen and conversations you have had. This is like being your own brain file cabinet.


Last but not least is Projection. This is one of my favorites and it is a very hard one to get.  With this you may create your own reality which would also include,family,time,what you need and want. All of these these things. The best way to think about this one is that what you want or a situation you want may be created  by you.

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