Middle Eastern Treasures - <br /><br />

The following item originated from the Middle East and is very powerful, in that it will allow you to fully maximize your spiritual being and control the elements around you.  <br /><br />

This in infused with the spirit and power of a Hindu Deva.  A Deva is a word that refers to a Hindu demi-god, a celestial being that controls various forces nature anywhere from fire to the sea.  Devas are extremely  charming in appearance and are very charismatic.  So, in addition to the powers listed below, your Deva will bring forth a renewed sense of spiritual being, allowing for a superior sense of self-confidence and self-worth, while at the same time maximizing your social aptitude, allowing for opportunities not available previously.  <br /><br />

Agni -<br /><br />

He is the Deva of fire and light.  He has seven tongues of flame and sharp golden teeth.  He acts as intermediary between human and higher up gods, carrying sacrifices between the two realms.  He has two heads symbolizing his dual nature as both Heavenly light and Earthly fire.  Possessing his piece will give you pyrokinetic abilities.  You will be able to summon the powers in the element of fire, using them for whatever purposes suit your needs.  He will allow you to gain favor with the gods and will grant you a prosperous, eventful life. <br /><br />

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