Sometime ago I had a dream.  It was right after I received a Native American Smudging.  Smudging is a ceremony during which a persons body is spiritually cleansed using the metaphysical properties of sage, cedar, and sweetgrass.  The spirit values of these herbs along with invocations of the spirits cleanses a persons body and opens up their minds.  It clears their auras and allows for spiritual communication-- that is until stress and grief begin to take over and the aura and spirit become clogged again, after which, you can undergo another smudging.

The last time I got a smudging, last summer, was a very spiritual event for me.  It was my first ever and I could feel years of waste being drained from my body.  It felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and I had been set free from the chains that had previously bound me and kept me prisoner! 

That same night I had a prophetic dream.  I dreamt that I was an eagle, soaring high above the mountains.  I felt free and released, flying in the warmth of the sun.  As I soared amidst the clouds, spotted a white wolf running in sychronized time with me.  Don't ask me how he kept up.  It was a dream! 

As I slowed, the wolf slowed and finally I came to rest and perched myself upon a large oak tree.  As the wolf looked up at me, I knew that it wasn't a normal wolf.  I mean asides from his snow white fur, his eyes burned a fierce greenish color... like the glow of an alarm clock, only they were ablaze.  The wolf said nothing.  It just looked up at me.  The wolf was wearing this emblem around its neck.  As I looked at the wolf, dead in its eyes, I developed a strange kind of connection with it.  I knew that it was a peaceful creature and that it wanted to share its experience-- whatever that even meant.  Then, I woke up with the same item the wolf had been wearing around his neck, around my own. 

I have been testing this piece ever since then.  I have come to determine that this piece is a gift from the realm of the supernatural, spawned by my spiritual gifts for the night.  This item is a transformation piece.  It will give you full transformation into a white light werewolfe.  There can be a lot of negative and dark connotations with werewoves sometimes.  This is not one of those pieces.  This is a full white light transformation piece.  It will allow you to transform yourself into a full white wolf to obtain all of his spiritual powers and abilities! 

This piece holds a precious green gem that represents the eye of the wolf.  To us this piece, you must open the locket and place your DNA inside of it.  This can come in form of a hair, a fingernail clipping, blood, saliva, or any other range of body fluids for tha matter.  Whatever your preference is, you must put your DNA into this locked, close the locket, wear this piece and allow the energies to bond with you!!  Then, you transformation shall begin!!

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