I'm lucky enough to have three of these wonderful enlightening pieces! Two that look like spiders but they are not evil and one that is an open eye. All three do the same thing. I did load up the eye but for whatever reason I can't find the image now.

The title of this listing means limitless light and is in Hebrew. The term Ain soph means with out limit. The two terms have been combined as well as that sacred power given to certain chosen people.
The spider weaves a web which represents life and the web also represents the tree of life. The eye is what we use to see but both pendants give you the sight. This sight is the same that the two original Jews had,the ability to see all that is kept hidden from us.
These are vintage pieces and will lay against your skin and heat up. The heat IS energy! This energy will be different then what you normally carry around. Your energy will change but the change is for the better. The change is needed because it is what was used when people, Adam and Eve could look up and see God. At this time and after their time no one could do that, not even now. You would burn to set your eyes on God.
So what does this exactly do for you. No issues with having to gain psychic ability. You will fully open the third eye. You will be limitless as the term means. To be limitless is life changing because one great power usually leads to another. Imagine if you can't astral travel, you can't make things move with your mind but you KNOW everything through your own power. Knowing, knowledge is going to make you limitless!
This one if for the spider although they are all just as powerful!
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