I haven't been on here because my computer died and I had to get another one. I was so thrilled because now I have Vista,woo hoo way to make my day! I spent the longer part of forever meeting with various geeks from the geek squad which wasn't half bad to be honest. I know you people don't care but if you were there and saw me get tossed from Best Buy,well then you would have a laugh. Here is what happened. Someone who will go unmentioned taught me the term "rub one out" I really did not know that it was real and I had never heard it before. So I'm in Best Buy and it turns very ugly. The guy was to tell me if my computer could be fixed and he said that Windows kills Windows all the time. He tells me that it was going to be 500 (where the hell is the plus sign on this keyboard?),whatever so anyway it's going to be 500 or more and then he tells me that there is one on sale which I buy. Then we get to talking and some old lady gets to praying and the next thing I know I tell all the geeks to line up because I'm going to get them all dates. So I say "hey,would any of you like to help these guys rub one out!" They made me leave the store but I was invited to a geek party! I like geeks a lot and I have a new found appreciation for them. They are smart and I like smart men and they are great in bed. They told me this,that's how I know. Not that you can listen to a guy with a pen protector or anything but they do study a lot. I better stop typing now because this thing only allows me to type so much. Part two is coming and as usual I have a lot to say. (note to ebay,just to let you guys know,I really do love geeks and in no way would I discriminate against them in fact if they wish to bid on this auction I strongly encourage it.)


I have seen so many things while on this investigation. Things you would not believe that have happened and then things that are so......I don't know,weird? Before I get into all of that I want you all to know that as I type this up I'm not even home yet. I was to go on a fishing trip tonight but things came up and here I still am.

The day that I left I went to Jersey because I had some things to do there. I got up in the morning and we all went to Chic-filet to have breakfast. That was an eye opener. There were these women in there that had kids,small children,around 2,3 and 4 years old. I was amazed at how robotic we have all become by just watching them. I bet they would think I was a horrible mother. This one lady,Jersey Soprano Style with just air in the head had a three year old. She tells her today is Chic-Filet day,tomorrow is Chucky Cheese and then we have Gymboree class!! WOW I thought,do ya think you could just give her a box and some crayons? This is why we have no brains. If there was a brain in the kids head it was about to get lost playing video games and watching some weird looking mouse feed you pizza. I never could stand Chucky Cheese at all. I hated the place. I was not a Gymboree mother either although I must admit I went through that lets do the Dr. Spock thing and I signed up for all kinds of crap and Gymboree was one of them. It didn't go well at all and thats putting it mildly. I go with my son who I had nicknamed Pigglepoo. He ate a lot. Thats why the name. The kid didn't play with his food. I started him off right,veggies,meat and then the fruits. He was gorgeous and I know every parent says that but mine truly was. I get there and they tell us all to sit in a circle and toss a ball to each other. By the end of the day I was told he did not play well with others and he didn't. He never hit or bit anyone but he was an explorer and still is. He had a thing for black girls and black gospel music,he no longer likes the music. I will leave it at that. All he did during gymboree was touch all the little black girls hair. They liked it and I think they still do............. He came to me one day and said he was going to marry this black girl. There is nothing as a parent you can do to kill a romance then to act like you like her. I did just that. I made her my best friend but I think she knew I wasn't having any of it.(note to ebay,I want you to know that I have no opinion at all on where you should let children play,hey if traffic is good for them then it is good for me too! Just giving you a heads up so you don't cancel my auctions)

MY FRIEND LOVES BLACK MEN,NOT ME BUT THAT'S PERSONAL CHOICE. (note to ebay,I love ALL people and have no opinions of them at all But my eyes just like ones that are lighter in color,no biggie. I just didn't want you to think I was putting my opinion in here or anything) ( ebay workers,did I mention that I LOVE you people!) ( Sorry,I have one more thing to say. You know how everyone is always complaining about mismanagement and hiked up fee's? Well just to let you know I have nothing bad to say and in fact thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the customers I have thanks to you! I applaud you guys for a job well done!)

As most of you already know I have a natural curiosity for all things. People really get me, they fascinate me. I think every person is like an unread best seller. Feeling as I do I'm going to tell you about some people I know and those I just met these last three weeks.

Linda the big boob stripper, most of you know her. She is great but many that she has to deal with everyday are not. I asked Linda to go down to my other place and check this box for me. Off she goes and she falls down,boom. The one eyed goat, barbecue Bob, Hamburger Head and the silver headed widow all watch her fall. No one helps her up. She can hear them saying look at them boobs, they will keep her floating! Um.... Idiots she is on the ground, not in water! (note to Ebay,Just letting you guys know that there is no opinion in here and that her boobs really are living large,about a size F I think and they are real because one is smaller then the other. I also in no way would discriminate against any large breasted person bidding on my items and in fact encourage it.)

Now about men, I love all men to be honest. Well I'm not into black ones or Dominican ones either but that's just personal choice. You can't help what you like. Now my friend is so into jungle love it's not funny. When black Mambo comes around she is putting on lipstick. She calls him the Rock! I can only imagine what she has going on in her imagination. We have talked about this often. She said that British women would go to Cayman Islands to get super sized penis. I bet that's where Mc Donalds came up with the super sized meal. Some woman was sitting around thinking about a super sized penis and then Mc Donalds came into her brain. I feel this is true. ( Note to Ebay,alright so I'm not so sure how Mc Donalds came up with the super sized thing but it makes sense to me. Black mambo is really called Black mambo because he is very black,almost like a crayon but he is really cool. It's just that my friend is not liking him for his arm or leg muscles. Although I have to tell you he has a girlfriend and I bet she is not happy about why my friend likes him.)

Let's see what else happened to me, I went head first into a wall. I have these shoes you put on that are mops for your feet. I think they are cool because you can skate across the floor and have fun while cleaning. I didn't do so well. At first I thought look out Oksana, here comes Dee Dee. That was until I tried to do a triple lutz and took out a few things with my right leg and then acquired a head injury. And I KNOW the cat was laughing at me.

Now let's talk about becoming genetically responsible. There are things you do not do and here is the list. This list was taken from many sources.

Do NOT allow back rubs from a very round headed stranger. Or one that looks like King Henry the 8th.

Do Not allow someone with tourettes(look how to you expect me to spell it if I don't even have it?) to give you a few wine coolers causing you to become so drunk you don't know which end of you was up.

Do NOT adopt from a Hindu person.

Do NOT mate with a German man.

Becoming genetically responsible means do not do any of the above. If you mate with a King Henry look alike you will produce children that look like water heads. If you reproduce with tourettes man you will have mildly retarded children. If you adopt a Hindu cat it will grow up to own a Dunkin Donuts or a gas station, you won't be proud. If you lose your mind and hook up with a German man well there's not much I can do for you. Life is over as you know it. Do not hook up with a China man because then you join the British women.

The bottom line is know the genetic defects and save yourself some problem.

I believe that all people should be tagged on the @ss or ear like cattle. This would save us all from defective offspring. An example of a good tag would have certain information. Let's use my ex as an example. Here is what his tag would say.


Has extreme gas problems ( even during sex)

His offspring will often need to be sprung. ( from jail)

The F word is a noun, verb, and adjective many times in the same sentence.( he takes great pride in that)

When you tell his offspring to do something they will always reply with "huh" "what did you say" "can you repeat that" "huh" "huh" "what"

I really wish I hadn't been drunk that night. I'm really not like this,honest but it seems that I have come into contact with alien material.

Many bad things have happened but the website is doing well. Plus I have a radio show not that is rated higher then TAPS,that excited me. I have no idea why I'm popular on it. I had this one co-host from hell that told everyone I was tied to a hood of a car while drunk. Little does she know,I think she does crack!
The radio show is [] I also have a website but I'm not allowed to post that here because it can be circumvention of ebay fee's. ( note to ebay,This item is only being sold here and no where else. I'm not directing anyone to my website at all. I have allowed them the radio show address but I do not sell anything from it.)

Enough of all that now lets get to my latest outing.

I was telling someone about my exploration this week with Hateful's mother. He came up with a name for us,it was Tango and Feeble! How dare he! he said this because I had to take Hateful's mother around in a wheel chair so she became Feeble. Plus we trespassed as I usually do and I knocked her wheel chair over. I can tell you this, I did a pop a wheelie with her! And that was fun. I was just glad that she didn't break a hip or something. She is really old but she is a German so she has stamina. I guess with birthing Hateful she has to. I sure hope he doesn't read this because if he does I will hear all about it.

The disaster that I had this week was trying to cut hair with flame. You have heard of that right? I think it was a new thing a long time ago. I ended up having to beat the person off to put out the flames and it was not good. It's a shame that they have no hair now. I'm always screwing that up,the hair thing. At least it wasn't my own. I also didn't burn off their face like I first thought I had. I was beating them off for a good five minutes but again no hospital bills so it is okay.

I really have a lot more to say but I think I better not because I can't make it ebay friendly.

But here is the auction.


Many people seek to be able to astral project but can't quite get the hang of it. Many times this is because of fear or not being able to relax. I want to tell you a few things you while traveling and ways to not have fear of doing so.

Not to many people realize what you can do if you astral travel. Most people think it is just flying around but it's not. You will learn a lot about death and other dimensions because that is where you are going. Your not going to be dead but you come to realize that death has an entire new meaning to you.

Living on earth is only one of the dimensions that as a physical body we can experience. When you travel your going to open up all your senses and not just a few that you use now.

Music and light also take many forms. For example harmonics vibrate to all dimensions because it is not a physical thing. The sound moves in waves that moved through everything. Right now I could get into the musical notes that were found hidden in the last supper and what it really means but that would mean that my auction is longer then I intended it to be. As most of you know I tak a lot but typing is just not my thing. I will give you a clue though. The notes found are a music that can make you leave the body and travel while appearing in the flesh to others. The more important part of the music is that you are not ever going to die but only change,fix and renew the body. You can be as God. To get into this would be a long and drawn out typing job and I have way to much to do today.

While using your astral body to travel and experience the many dimensions nothing can hurt you. You will realize that. When you travel you will also be able to look down on earth if you choose and what you will see will amaze you. You will notice that other people are existing and actually walking through other beings,entities and spirits while they are in the earth body. Many times when you go through that cold spot or feel like a person has passed through,well........they did! You in your physical body can not see them unless you have the gift of second sight.

For those of you that can see did you ever wonder why there are spirits that you can see and talk to and they respond but others act as if they can not see you? Ghost hunters call this looping or a spirit print but in reality you are catching a glimpse of a spirit that has enough energy to project through the astral plane. When you astral project you can then interact with them. There is much more to this.

Here is something to think about. We all have it backwards. We do. We think that when we travel it is the other dimensions that fashion themselves from us,this is wrong. How is it that we have some of the technology that we do? Some say it is alien and could they be right? They can be right but again it is what we are seeing when we travel and we bring that back with us. There are many beings that have this come to them as easy as we humans can breathe.  There are so many ideas and inventions that originated from the astral plane thats it not funny.

In order to take full advantage of this we must first get rid of fear. I know many people that do not want to try this because they fear things like demons and devils or evil spirits attacking them on this level. They can NOT touch you. This is something that you have been taught that is not true. There will be no pain and only pleasant experiences. Wait though because there is even more.

When we astral travel we can create what we want to and it does become real. We are able to speak with out moving our mouths it just happens with out minds and others can hear us. We can talk to those that have passed on or those that are still here. And again there is still even more that you can do.

You will can meet with your spirit guides,angels,teachers and guardians. You will see things look different,more vibrant and you can listen with touch and see with your hands. The rules that apply to this dimension do not apply when in astral travel. While on your adventure stop into the Great Hall where all your records are kept,past and present lives that you can learn from. Speak with your guardians about what is best for you and get solutions to problems that have plagued you since birth even.

stop being bound by skin,you are no slave to this planet! Learn real history,see a world that is different then ours. See the future even,new inventions a baby yet to be born. The possibilities are endless.

People by things to help them solve a problem or gain what they want when you can do this all yourself. An example of this would be if you wanted to utilize psychic ability and bring it back with you. Sit down and learn from your guide or teacher and then cultivate it. Like I have said there is just so many things you can do with this.

You are about to crack open your egg shell.

How to use this.

Where this item while in bed and sleeping. We all astral travel and don't even know it. We do it every night but do not remember it and so therefore get nothing from it. What comes with this piece is a guide that will find your personal guide to take you on your trip. They come for you between 3 and four. I hope that you enjoy this as I have.QUICK INFORMATION FOR ALL NEW PEOPLE




How DOES LAYAWAY WORK? You call me and you place a down payment AFTER calling me.

HOW DO I CALL YOU? I'm not sure about that yet.


Many of you are new to this website because you are coming here
from an add in Weird NJ. This is to help you understand shipping.

Many people have been buying from me for years and they understand this
but new people often do not read the shipping terms so I'm posting
them here.

How I go about shipping and when you can honestly expect your item.

DAY ONE OF SHIPPING- I go to see who has paid for stuff. I get really excited when I see the dollar signs lit up. I dance around the house. I sit down and say okay lets get shipping. I then decide to go do lunch first since I can afford it as I did see some dollar signs lit up. I kiss my paypal card and praise GOD. I then get in the car as there is no time for cooking,I do have to pack stuff.

STILL ON DAY ONE- I get home after a lunch which took me three hours. I have to eat AND chat. Thats why we call it doing lunch it is actually a sporting event. I get home and the phone rings and it is Fang. Fang is a buyer who talks to me for three hours plus. I'm really nice to them as they buy alot. At least I do not lie to you.

STILL DAY ONE- Fang has now sucked the life from me and I need to relax. Now you know why they are called Fang. Now I have emails to answer and emergencies to handle and that takes up the rest of my day. It is now night time and I go on various excursions,investigations,phone calls,what have you.

DAY TWO- I get up with full intentions of packing and shipping. I look again to see who bought what and answer emails. I begin to pack it. Begin to pack means this. I wonder if I shall ever find the stuff and I hang my head in my hands and fear for my life. I notice that someone has bought something I haven't seen in a good three months. Only GOD himself knows where this item is. I move on and make a stiff glass of cherry Koolaid. I ponder life.

STILL ON DAY TWO- While in my daze the phone rings again,who could it be? It is Fang again! Fang is having an emergency. They tell me that a demon is in the house and ask me to talk them through it. Can you give me advice they ask? Sure I tell tem,"GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!" What more can I say? Again I need to get it together and go do  lunch. I plan on coming back and making a dent in the shipping. It doesn't go as planned because I forgot that I have another investigation that I can't blow off because it is with the historical society. I love those people.

DAY THREE-- the deflated pumpkin head private part scratcher comes over. Okay,you know NOTHING is getting done today. He is pure chaos. This guy can talk more then me! Do you people realize the magnitude of that? I mean he could blow up the world. When we used to try and talk it was one always trying to get a word in. Not a match made in Heaven by no means. He begins to tell me about this girl who broke her knee in four places and how her grandmother would not take her to the emergency room. This is the same girl who is dating my son and likes to be shot with paint balls before they make -out. People,this is a very sick world we live in! I tell him to be quiet so I can pack my stuff up. I then see this old guy who lives behind me in his yard. He is not to stable on his feet so I make sure he doesn't fall down and never get up. This takes a long,long,long time. I can almost feel my life passing me. One time he fell down and he was outside for I think two days before anyone found him. Good thing it was summer time. I'm the only young person on my street. Everyone else is old. They like to come out and spy on me too. It's also a strange street. We can run down the road naked in the summer and no one will see us. We do this when the lights go out as we don't want to scare or offend anyone and most of all ourselves.

DAY FOUR- Today is the day! It's going to happen and I can feel the magic. I get ready,I have hot tea but then I realize I have to go to Delaware and feed the homeless man Charlie.  Look people,it's still only day four! I find a new homeless person and take them home to prepare to give them a home at the local Wal-mart. I do not like Wal-mart but face it,it is great for homeless people and I have been populating them for the last two years with societies discards. Wal-mart has it all. Lawn and garden which is great for sleeping. Bathrooms for washing and a camping section for God Forbid,procreating in private,tents you know!

STILL DAY FOUR- Back from Walmart and again the phone rings. Low and Behold it is a buyer asking where the item is. You can hear a pin drop............... I uh did not do it yet. How long has it been? Your kidding me! Really ! No way! I then try like heck to not laugh what is left of my mind out my ears. The audacity! The NERVE! I see it has only been a week! What MUST they have been thinking?

DAY FIVE AND THE BOTTOM LINE- It will get to you. I promise it will. It always does. AND if it doesn't I have been known to find things a good year later. The year thing was only one time so do not worry. So please just relax. I never bug anyone for payments unless I do not know you. If your a buyer for a long time as 90 percent of you are,you already know this. This is for the few new people who think I ship as soon as you pay,I don't and I can't. if you need an item as soon as you win it or pay for it, as much as I want your business I will have to pass. Please do not bid if you can't wait 7 to 8 days for me to BEGIN shipping. Then you get it about 2 two 4 days after depending on where you live. I honestly just can't do it any faster. Also if you email and ask me where your item is and you only ordered it 1 or 2 days ago............I will NOT be responding to you. Just giving you a heads up. Some things are just common sense.


ATTENTION TO ALL BIDDERS/WATCHERS:  As much as I appreciate the overwhelming
response to my auctions- I have to be honest, it's a little bit TOO

With that being said- My auctions have all the available information that I
know of in the listing/description, I can tell you no more.  Emails asking
me to send all the information I have on an already OVER auction will go
ignored- because again, you have it all in the auction.  Use the eBay tools
for auctions/listings that have ended.  Please do not ask me- that is why
the Live Help guys are available.

Another thing, I don't care when/how/where you got any of my phone numbers..
You are NOT to call me in the wee hours of the morning- that means
anytime after
10:00 p.m. EST.

I can give you absolutely no love advice. I cannot make you fly.

I get a ton of email everyday, I can only answer it when I'm home or
have time.
Were the world an ideal place, I would have time to talk to everyone
and answer
questions- but it's not and I don't.  The guy who shaves his head at
3 p.m. I find...........interesting, but again- I cannot answer every
single email.
I can not tell you how to live, breathe, when you should make a phone call,
go to the bathroom or what to wear when you dress.

I cannot email you back 10 and 20 times a day and I will no longer.

Lately, my shipping has been a little late- and I apologize.
I try and do it once a week. Even when late- everyone does get their items. If
I miss something I will get it to you, I always do- and to make up for it I
usually send a little something extra.

Also, if you have been blocked, you have been blocked for a reason,
and you shall
remain so.  eBay provides the blocking feature as a tool to protect
sellers from
non-paying bidders (or bidders with a history of non-payment),
"shill" bidders, or
people who attempt to set up a payment plan AFTER the end of an

I have no problem arranging a payment schedule (within reason and NOT
for just a
couple of bucks either) for an item IF you contact me PRIOR to the
auctions end/close.

Emails that tell me how great you are in the bedroom do nothing for
me and never
have, PLEASE tell someone else, I beseech you.

I like my men classy on the outside and a wild animal in private. If
you feel the
need to tell me all about it- I doubt that it is that good.  If you
are seriously
seeking a mate, then send me a picture with a brief description of
yourself and
what your looking for in that "special someone" and I will add you to
my dating
service.  I, myself, am already spoken for- so there is NO need to
try and solicit
yourself to me.

AND Finally, I am growing increasingly irritated with people
demanding things from
me.  IF I do something/anything for you- it's out of the kindness of
my heart OR if
I have time.  So from now on, I will not tolerate anyone being
demanding or bossy.

In closing...

I'm sure you'll find your way through the Universe without my
assistance,Dee Dee


A HauntedCuriosities Primer

Meet Dick and Jane

Jane said one day "hey I'm really getting bogged down with emails.What can I do to eliminate them?" She thought for a moment and came up with a brilliant idea!  Jane said " I'm going to make sure that everything I know is in the descriptions, including all the dirty little details."

One day Dick came along and asked" can you tell me more?" Jane responded with "please go back to the original description and you will find all your facts there. You can even print it out if you like!"

Dick came back and said" I can't find my description!"

Jane said" please look in the sold section because that is where you will find it. You will find it there because it was sold."

And a new day began for Jane and Dicks and Janes all over.

See Dick look at the website.

See Dick get real excited!!!

See Dick buy something from the website.

Dick and Jane are really hitting off!

If Dick should slip Jane will now refer him to A HauntedCuriosities Primer. Again all is well with Dick and Jane.

A few things about Jane.

Jane has a boyfriend and that boyfriend  doesn't like other Dicks.

Jane takes a long time to ship. Jane takes a long time because she is not sitting at home making stuff up. Jane can not bring you these unique items if she sat at home, could she?

The only emails Jane will be answering will be those from people who are seeking out the package they are expecting in the mail.

The only phone calls that Jane will take are from those seeking a layaway.

Friends may email me at the

Wanting to know where your package is email me at

Getting serious now please understand that most of my descriptions will be as detailed as I can get them. They will tell you if the item is made of good stuff or junk. You will know if it was tested or not and all historical background available to me, this will be available to you as well. There will be no more questions answered on items because it will be all there. This will also include names of spirits IF they are known. You will have instructions on how to use your item right in the description.

One very big misconception is about to be cleared up. Someone else knowing the name of your spirit, entity or power will not make it able to run away or go with someone else. They are with you and will stay.

Another important fact is if your buying both dark and white items things just might not work out for you. Keep them separated, this is just common sense.

If your looking for the best protection items I have them. It is what I use the most because I sure need to.

The person casting her evil and causing people to go into the hospital can't touch me. But I don't need to be around the negativity knowing that the face is not as it seems. Being a real psychic has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. Sometimes you wish you just didn't know because you can yell and stomp your feet and people are looking at you like huh? Eventually everyone finds out unfortunately sometimes it is to late.



"Company" refers to Haunted Curiosities, 2piratesbringUtreasure and JustMeDeeDee (all unincorporated businesses) its owners, employees and any other associated p
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