** Situation that occurred to a client of ours, Jessica... her despair from what her daughter experienced can now bring you amazing abilities!

"For the longest time my daughter will not stay in a room by herself. I was getting tired of it and was going to take her to see a therapist to help her out, because this has been going on for about a year. About a month ago she told me why: about a month ago before the reason we were at my mother's house and stayed the night. My daughter tells me she went into the kitchen, and the light was on, and then she looked at the door that leads to the back porch. That is when she sees a black figure with a hat staring at her. I proceeded to ask her, "Sis, are you sure? Was it a quick glance?". She tells me no it wasn't, she stared right back at it for a minute, because she wanted to make sure it wasn't going to do anything, then she ran.

About a year ago we moved about an hour and a half from where we lived at before and she tells me that she has seen a grayish looking man walk up to the bathroom hallway and sits down on the floor and stares at the window. I could go on, and she can be very detailed.

When she was telling me these things, she breaks down crying and shaken up. Here are the latest three things that are very serious:

(1) It has been raining, and she tells me that she does not like it when it rains, because she feels like something is watching her. Well I get ice cream for her and I, and go into my room. No more than 25 minutes later, she is standing up and was trembling saying, "Mommy?!" She does this twice. I ask what is wrong and she about dropped her bowl of ice cream and says there is a dark man standing at the door way staring at me. Now, the hallway light is on and bright and I had a lamp on in my room, so there was no question that this was just a simple shadow from the light. I tell her not to be afraid and asked if it was still there, and she says yes. I had her to demand for it to leave as did I. She is crying in my arms and then tells me when I told it to leave, it says, "What?"

(2) she was in the living room and her dad was near. He tells me he noticed something wrong with Alayna and she was just standing still and staring at the hallway. Come to find out she had seen three white triangular shapes one at a time coming from the hallway and going into the kitchen. She closed her eyes, opens them, and then there was a woman in white no more than four feet away from her, just watching her. She closes her eyes again, opens them and seen a woman in black by the bathroom, and then a dark arm come down over the lady in black as if it was hitting her over the head. She is crying to me because she felt that the ladies were wanting help from her, and plus she was frightened.

(3) Last night was really different. I was in my room and she was in the living room by herself, because our cat was there and nothing major has been happening in the last several days. She calls for me and I go into the living room and see tears streaming down her eyes and asked her what is wrong. These are her words, "everything is going crazy, I feel like I am going crazy..." she then tells me that she seen two white things, guessing they were orbs, going into the kitchen again and they were white. Then she saw three shadows. One goes behind her on the love seat, another goes behind the couch, and the other is next to the couch, as if they were hiding. Then she heard a female call out her name and when she didn't answer a male calls out her name. She said she told them to leave her alone, but wouldn't. She also felt something touch her shoulder and her knee, then her leg starts to shake.

I know she was trying to not be afraid because I have told her that.

Alayna will be turning five at the end of the month and as it is getting closer, experiences are happening more frequently. She is an only child. I know she isn't lying, she really doesn't anyways. She is truthful. And if she fibs, I can tell.

Her dad and I are supporting her, but we feel helpless. We don't experience anything. Alayna also barely cries, so if she is crying, it is very serious.

We do not know what we can do to help her and how to help her get through this and what to do if it happens again. I was just wondering if Deedee could come help us figure this out?"


Jessica Xxxxx.

~ Help we did.. Deedee has a special place in her heart for children who have "gifts", as she had to deal with these instances and strange things when she was a child and did not have the support of her family -- they all thought she was just making things up!

When we met with Alayna, it only took a few mintues to determine she indeed had a special gift, she was clairvoyant and was filled with dreams that would later come true. She shared some things with us, that a chid her age would not be aware of, things that Deedee had the sense of herself, that she knew would be happening in the near future. This child had an amazing gift... one of the strongest connections to the realms that Deedee had ever experienced.

Deedee told Jessica that there was nothing to be scared of, that she should be grateful for her gift, and as it hoans in and develops more that Alayna would be able to help a lot of people; this scared Jessica, she didn't want her daughter to be some kind of "freak child" as she put it. She said she meant no offense by it, but she just was uncomfortable. There is a ritual pulling that can ratify the blessings out and place them upon someone, or something, else... but Deedee thought this was a decision for Alayna to make, not her parents.

Alayna was scared of all she has seen and felt and said she "wants to be normal".. with heartache Deedee agreed to do the service. We went back a few days later with everything we needed and the service was completed... her abilities and gifts from the Heavens have been placed into this incredible piece! These truly are so strong, as if you originaly would have been granted them directly from God!

You will be granted full eraticized dreams that will prevail, be able to see and communicate with spirits and learn to sense sparking energies that flood the Universe~

This is a rare opportunity to collaborate the gifts of a child and impart them within yourself, or someone you love!

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