Albanian Companion Piece

Some say it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Personally, I have built walls for everyone. I don't let people in, that way when they leave I don't have to deal with the pain and anguish of saying goodbye. It isn't something that I am particularly fond of, so I just don't deal with it. I should say “used to” because indeed these were feelings are from the past. No longer do I have to worry about another person dragging me along, only to smear me through the mud and dump me like the cheeseburger they ate for dinner last night.

On the coast of Albania, way up on the side of the rocky shore, a group of individuals dwell that have power that is not really typical of anything that I have seen in that area. I discovered this group of individuals on a trip that I took on a tour of Europe. It is fortunate that I took this trip, because had I not, I might still be the lonely lovelorn person that I had always been.

I met the group in a small town off the coast of Albania, when I was introduced to Johnathan, the leader of the group. I told him what I was in town for and that I'd be staying in an inn in the town. People in Albania are very hospitable, so I didn't even think anything of it when he invited me to stay at his mansion next to the sea. I was excited because I wouldn't have to pay the innkeeper's fees for the night.

When I arrived at his home, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. His house was a beautifully crafted Victorian era mansion, the most beautiful in the town by far. When he closed the door he led me to the room that I would be staying in. Then, he led me down a passage into a room that hosted a very large bar with quite a selection to choose from.

After a brief moment, Johnathan informed me that it was time to get down to business and he must have read the look of confusion on my face, because he gave me the following explanation. In time dating back to before Christ, Johnathan was one of the most revered noblemen of the sprawling Greek empire. Long story short, he was out one night and mobbed by a group who was jealous of everything that he had earned. He was brought to the coast of what is present day Albania by a group of Vampires and changed into what they are-- eternal beings with no hope of eternal rest, forced to see the coming and going of all ages from a distance that is painstakingly close.

However, Johnathan was different, and he was able to strike a bargain with God, that if he changed the life of one million people, he would be granted a spot in Heaven so his soul could rest. When he met me, he was able to read me and knew that I was a lonely individual, but capable of so much more if the pain from being lonely were to diminish. He offered me magic that I agreed to take to assist him on his goal of reaching one million. It also greatly helped me as well.

The power that he gave me, I am able to bestow upon others and this is how the pieces that you see here came into existence. I have enchanted them with a magic and what this magic will do is scan the depths of your soul. Once it is done scanning the depths of your soul, it will will send you a spiritual companion vampire, that will only exist for you and to you. It will stay by your side and provide you with comfort at your most vulnerable times. It will never leave you, regardless of the circumstances. All you have to do is wear this piece next your heart.

If that doesn't sound good enough, consider the following. It will give you the power of a dual core magic, that will allow you to create you own magic and use it in any way that you choose to. You will gain immortality at your free will, being able to revoke it anytime that you think you've lived long enough. You will also be given spiritual protection from God, as this piece is the result of a bargain he established. He will sanctify your soul with his blessing and consecration of his spiritual fire. On the flip side, your spiritual vampire will render your spirit also as one of a vampire, which will allow you admittance into the realm of the underworld, where you will receive incredible powers if you seek them. The possibilities are endless. Do not pass up this power, because it is sincerely incredible. You are receiving a companion vampire piece that will not leave you, until you choose.



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