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The Turbae Philosophorum is one of the earliest known documents on alchemy; its exact origin is unknown.

It is sometimes referred to as The Third Pythagorical Synod. As its name implies, it is an assembly of the stages and sets forth the alchemical viewpoints of many of the early Greek philosophers.

The symbol of the Turbae Philosophorum is represented by a hermaphroditic figure that accomplishes the magnum opus.

The active and passive principles of nature were often depicted by male and female figures, and when these two principles were harmoniously conjoined in any one nature or body it was customary to symbolize this state of perfect equilibrium.

It is always stated that women are better at certain things, and men are better at others. Some are formats of body stature and strength, but many affiliated things are due to nature and elements of soul charges.

This piece holds a balancing force to intake all follicles of the chemicals common in male brains, and the chemicals found more commonly in females brains and utilize the infusion to grant you the ultimate ability to be skilled in almost any facet of life!

If you have always wanted to be the one that stands out and be envied for your talents, then this is an amazing piece to have!

Also, if you are just sick of your partner showcasing their skills in certain areas that you are not very gifted, then you can revel in this piece by gaining the fusion of power to be anything you want with the emerging equilibrium that will occur when you adorn this piece~

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