Adalbert was a French Mystic  from the 8th century that was not only highly magical in powers but could speak to the angels. He was more well known for his relics given to him by angels that got them from all over the world. He even had a alter set up or when he died so that people could still come and get help. His fingernails he would give out as powerful relics and amulets which always worked.


Now many wonder how he got this power to have the angels go and get him relics and items of power. He was born with this at birth. He was almost murdered when he produced a letter that he said was hand delivered by Saint Michael and writen by Jesus Christ himself. I myself wondered if this was true and I had actually never heard of him until going on this investigation.


I was called to a home in NJ and when I got there I was told there is no investigation but that the lady wanted to see me. She said that when her husband died she was to contact me. She said that my dad knew her husband and he had met me a few times and knew this was to go to me. The piece that your looking at as you can see has various pictures in it including the last man that owned it. These people are from all different countries and all different types from rich,average and even royalty as pictured in this very unusual locket. This locket has a name and it is called the DOME.

The DOME holds 8 people which you can see. Each one held this type of power which was directly given to them by angels. Five of these people have died and three of them decided to multiscend into immortality. These people have become what is called in Heaven as Muldecsents,these are those that gain immortality by means of angelic help and by scribe of Jesus Christ. We don't know all the reasons for this or why they decided to do it. What we do know is that you get that choice if you want it. 

The other things you get with this piece is everything that Adalbert was given,he coud hear confession,he could read minds,he gained items for magical use given to him by angels. So you coud wake up and have a new item on your dresser or table and you can know that this came from the angels. Work with whatever piece that give you. All of these are amazing! I know this because his wife told me that he often let her wear rings or play with the items that he got.


This piece is one of a kind,very old and an antique so therefore it is not perfect. This is a Octogon shaped locket with all the pictures intact. You will need to add your image at the end of your life or at the end of your normal human life. You do not need to do it before that.


This is one of a kind! Don't let this one get away as you will never see another one of these!


Adalbert was able to read minds from the power that the angels gave him. May would come up to him and he would tell them there was no need to speak as he already knew what they needed and wanted.

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