These are a pair of Gryphons that we got from a source inside the Vatican. They were being hidden in a carved out book in a secret passage of the Vatican Library. To even consider the fact that we got these, we should be really lucky. They contain the souls of two Gryphons. Gryphons, which are the ultimate representation of the Holy Trinity, are talked about often in the Bible. You just have to read between the lines and know how certain words were translated versus how they should have been translated. They represent Jesus as God in Heaven as the Eagle, ruler over the entire sky; they also represent Jesus Christ’s humanity as Lion, ruler over all things on Earth. They are a symbol of Christ’s ascension and are the only living creature that can fully understand the true nature and existence of God as He really exists as three in one-- the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This piece holds the spirit of two Gryphons, but they are just “regular” Gryphons. Rather, they are a pair of Gryphons that Alexander the Great starved and lured with chunks of roast been to fly him into to Heaven. Once he got there he was rebuked by an angel who said, “Why are you trying to understand Heaven when you cant even understand Earth? Alexander returned to Earth, but kept his Griffins just in case. Eventually his Gryphons transformed into spiritual form and even later down the line were placed into these cufflinks. This piece holds the spirits of two Gryphons that will enlighten your mind, allowing your ascension into a heavenly like state where you will receive direct white light psychic powers. You will gain full white light abilities of the angels and the knowledge of the Griffins, which is the true nature and understanding of God’s existence. With this you will be able to receive revelations of what is to come in the future as far as the Second Coming of Christ, the Mark of the Beast, 666, the Anti-Christ and other ancient mysteries. You will be put on a psychic level with God, whereby you will receive holy psychic visions allow you to know those things that you otherwise would not. These pieces are very powerful. They are gold color cufflinks with Gryphons on them. They will begin working as soon as you get them; however, you must clear your home of any negativity in order for these Gryphons to fully manifest themselves. Additionally, there is no need to wory, because once your new Gryphons are manifested they will provide extreme white light protection, because they are warriors of God!! Enjoy!!
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