Alien Rosary/F*

On January 7, 1948 there were many sightings of a UFO throughout Kentucky. The Kentucky State Police contacted officials at Godman Air Force Base; there were sighting in Marysville, Owensboro and Irvington. The Air Force Base got its first glimpse of the UFO when it approached the control tower of the base. They ascertained that the object was not a weather ballon or a plane; they described it as gray, metallic, conica, and rotating.

A team of three F-51 fighter planes were headed back toward the base and the control tower briefed them on the sightings and asked them to investigate the UFO. Captain Thomas Mantell sighted the UFO above him and followed it to 20,000 feet while his men dropped back at 15,000 feet. He maintained active radio contact with the control tower, but suddenly stopped responding. His plane was no longer able to be seen.

There are reports that he perhaps flew to 30,000 feet and may have passed out from lack of oxygen. Mantell's plane crashed in a farm field 130 miles away from Godman. The watch he was wearing stopped at 3:16 p.m. The control tower lost sight of the UFO within the next half hour. Early in the morning on January 8, Captain James F. Duesler arrived to investigate Mantell's crash site. He saw that the plane appeared to have belly flopped straight down, which was totally inconsistent for a crash of this type. There should have been damage to surrounding woods from an angular trajectory, and the nose-heavy weight of the plane should have brought it down nose first. He also noted that although the wings and tail had broken off, the fuselage sustained little damage.

Duesler also found no blood in the plane's cockpit. Mantell's body had already been taken away, but others at the scene informed Duesler that "nowhere on the body had the skin been punctured or penetrated, yet all the bones had been crushed and pulverized."

Densler did find a rosary that Mantell kept in his plane; it was his sense of protection. The rosary was given to his wife who later gave it to Lindy. Lindy said that the rosary always creeped her out; though she didn't know why. Deedee wanted to test the piece and before learning the background from Lindy, felt alien life form within the piece. Lindy's eyes got really big and she thought about the fact that Thomas was chasing a UFO.

We learned that he was attacked by an alien spaceship and was killed by pressure of bone crushing, however the aliens powers were entrapped by the religious piece. The rosary has held the glow of oddity from that moment forward.

The piece enables the wearer the ability to shape shift, have the ability to walk through walls and the ability to control fire. These are all prominent powers that aliens hold! This is an Italian rosary of beauty that no one else will know holds powers of another life form. Deedee even feels that you may be able to contact the spaceship that attacked Captain Mantell once you really learn to work with the powers within the rosary --- just be careful!

Forgot to take the picture but this is a rosary.
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