It's rumored that Velcro was a technology given to the world by extraterrestrials.  Now, my question is this-- In a world FULL of technological advances and breakthroughs who has time to sit around and think about whether or not Velcro is an alien invention or not? I would certainly hope not.  One time when I was about... I don't know... six or so, I had a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Velcro shoes.  I had to fight my mom to get them for me, because according to her, "Big boys don't wear Velcro."  Alas, I got them for school one year.  To my dismay, the Velcro didn't last very long.  It started to fall off and eventually didn't even secure my shoes anymore.  Thus, I'm really hoping that the life that exists beyond this human intelligence is a little bit more advanced than that... And they are.  I know this for a fact.  This item is strong evidence and proof of intelligent existence beyond what the human mind can comprehend.

Okay, so let's throw the Velcro thing out.  There are tons of insights and new ideas that have been learned by extraterrestrials.  You can tell by looking through history.  Take for instance the ancient Egyptians.  They were given the technology of the light bulb.  It is recorded in hieroglyphics that were found in ancient pyramids in Egypt.  These hieroglyphics were depicted deep below the surface of the Earth in chambers that extended miles down, where there couldn't have possibly been enough oxygen to light a flame and the sun couldn't have been reflected enough times to light the confines.  It's alien technology folks!  Sorry to burst your bubble, but Thomas Edison did NOT invent the light bulb.  That's the way the history books were written! 

Apply the same underground principal to modern-era America and you have the same scenario that has come to pass.  While electricity had once been a guarded and coveted alien secret technology, times have changed.  Obviously we have light bulbs  now.  We also have the computers, the Internet, smart phone and other mobile devices, and many other technological breakthroughs.  And while there are back stories for all of these seemingly domestic breakthroughs, I can tell you that they are all cover-ups.  There's no telling what futuristic technology the government possesses now that will be 2020's "way of the future".  By then the government will possess 2030's technology and so on and so forth. 

So, then, the question arises... where is all this secret technology being housed?  Well apply the Egyptian approach and you have your answer.  There are dozens of secret underground bunkers that have purposes that are strictly classified operations.  It's not like the situation room or anything like.  I'm talking about underground bases that are secure with 30 years worth of food or more.  They house technologically advanced super-computers and hold meetings between humans and aliens and which govern our intergalactic affairs.  This piece came from an underground fortress, the size of a city in the mountains of Virginia.  It is a headquarters built by NASA and maintained by the CIA that controls our connections with alien forces. 

This item is an exclusive that we have recovered from the underground fortress in Virginia.  It holds special powers that have been obtained by alien forces that we graciously been working in cooperation with America for the supposed advance of the human race.  This item is energetically charged with a power that integrates a humans genetic makeup with the genetic make up of a very advanced, ancient, and wise alien race.  They hold the keys to many secret technologies and as you use this piece, you will discover that the majority of today's technological marvels are a direct result of alien intel.  It should come as no big surprise.  The clues have been there for centuries.  It's just that the human mind is so ignorant that it doesn't comprehend what it cannot see. 

This piece is the perfect opportunity to elevate your knowledge through awakening your own alien DNA.  This DNA will emit an energy through your body that will give your a complete extraterrestrial transformation.  This will open your mind to the factors of dozens of new and powerful abilities-- some of which you will recognize as ones that have been handed down to Earthlings. Others you will not recognize, but you will be taught to master.  I could go on with a list of all of them, but in actuality, if I told you some of the abilities you would understand completely.  This piece is so advances that in order to understand its functionality you really just have to use the piece.  I can guarantee that you will become a super-human being with extra-ordinary powers and the knowledge of advanced technology.  You will be given powers of the mind, body and spirit, as these ancient visitors existed in multiple shifting forms along the course of their visit. 

You do not want to miss out on this unique opportunity to awaken your alien DNA and to gain the insight of a mind that is older than the world itself.  It will give you a complete transformation of the mind, and you will never view existence as the same again after you open up all the raw truths that we have survived on for eons.       

This piece is sterling silver and a bracelet


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