This piece is made out of all copper and is a little strange looking. I would not call it beautiful and most of you know I'm the first to tell you is something is flat out ugly looking but this isn't,weird yes,ugly no.

The chain if you want to call it that is made of all eyes,the design I mean is an eyeball. The center is the minds mental eye or the eye of destination,alien DNA.

Time before time is the time before humanity and the center with a little help from you will open up all those locked yet already with in you ability.

This is direct communication with the Ashtar Seedlings an alien race that was here long before we were. They are able to procreate with humans and have done this with some a very long time ago.

Copper is the main thing in their blood stream and to activate the spiral of life and time before time you will need to add a little blood to the beginning of the center and allow it to fill up the spiral. Once this has happened you need to wear it as soon as you add the blood to the item.

The Copper is going to react with your skin and the blood will activate it and open up all abilities including giving you new ones that are not of this world. You will also at that exact time begin to communicate with the Ashtar Seedlings but I can't tell you how many because it is different for everyone. They will place images into your head and the one thing they are big on is magnets for some reason. They believe that they cure and heal and activate parts of the brain not in use. They are into technology and peaceful living. These beings operate on a full brain,not a percentage. The seedlings are also not dead and your not speaking to a dead race but a living one. The relationship you have with them is up to you.
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