Calling All Saints 

Sometimes in life you may feel like you are crushing under the pressure.  If you feel like you are trying to make all the right decisions, but each turn you make leads you down a darker, more narrow path and that if you take one more bad turn you may just give up altogether, then this piece is for you.  I've been in the same situation before and I can assure you that it gets better.  In fact, I battled with my own struggles recnetly... as in this past summer, where I felt like my world was literally just going to end. 

During my grief I was visited by an angel in my dreams who brought me this piece.  She told me that God admired my strength and not to lose my faith because those who remain steadfast in God's strength will eventually inherit and wondrous afterlife in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

She then handed me this item, which she said calls upon the Saints.  They are the intercessors and God's holy helpers.  I know it seems really rudimentary to draw a comparison, but this time of year brings the Christmas spirit right?  You can think of God as Santa and the elves as his saints.  They are commissioned to help God carry out his divine nature and will.  This piece calls upon these saints for guidance and help in areas of your life that feel are falling completely apart. The following saints' powers have been placed into this piece and given to me: 

St. Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Items
St. Raphael, Patron Saint of relationships and finding true love
St. Jude, Patron Saint of Desparate Causes
St. Pio, Patron Saint against spiritual possession
St. Matthe, Patron Saint of Wealth
Our Lady of Lourdes, Patron Sain of Body Ills
St. Genevieve, patron saint of Disasters
St. Maximillian, patron saint against drug abuse
St. Raymond, patron saint of the wrongly accused
St. Martha, patron saint of housewives
St. Frances Xavier and St Rita, patron saints of impossible causes
St. Philomena, patron saint against infertility
St. Dymphna, patron saint of insanity
St. Peter, patron saint of Longevity
St. Elizabeth, patron saint of the loss of loved ones
St. Valentine, patron saint of lovers
St. Lawrence, patron saint of the poor
St. Ann and Joachim, patron saints of pregnant women
St. Leonard, patron saint against robbery and theft
St. Matt Talbot, patron saint promoting sobriety
St. Marit de Porres, patron saint of social justice
St. Martin of TOurs, St. George, Patron Saints of Soldiers
St. Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of students and education

I have used this piece to create a solid bond between myself and my personal patron saint, St. Jude.  He has helped me through so many hard times.  This piece was a renewal of faith that reminded me that if I reach deep within myself that I can make it through any obstacle or stumbling block that is thrown in my way!  I have used this piece to my fullest capacity and it is time for me to pass it on.  This piece holds the powers of the saints listed above.  To summon their powers, simply meditate and pray with this piece asking for the intercession of the saint you are calling upon.  The saint will come to you, establish a bond and help you through your difficult times! 


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