It takes some serious frugality to land yourself in the Guinness Book of World Records. However, Hetty Green is the epitome of frugal even so much as to be nominated into the Guinness Book as most miserly.  Her story makes Charles Dickens' book, "A Christmas Carol" look like a fairytale.  Born in Bedford, Massachusetts, Hetty Green was born rich to parents who managed to amass wealth at a young age because they owned a rather handsome whaling fleet.  However, in 1865, Hetty received an inheritance from not one, but two relatives that totalled nearly $10 million, a sum of money that would roughly equal to $185 million in today's currency.  She became so miserly with her money that people began referring to her as the Witch of Wall Street.  She owned only one black dress and one pair of underpants that she wore on a daily basis.  She and her son lived in run-down boarding houses where they ate cold oatmeal and clipped coupons.  Once when her son injured his knee, Hetty dressed him up in rags and took him to the free clinic.  After discovering that his mother was the famously rich Hetty Green, they refused to treat her son.  Any normal mother would have forked over the money to get it fixed, right?  Not Hetty!  Her son's condition worsened and eventually he had to have his entire leg amputated.

Hetty became so obsessed with wealth that the term Witch of Wall Street would become more of a reality that even the people who coined the phrase could imagine.  Late in life, Hetty determined that she didn't have enough wealth, so she began to dabble in magic.  She taught herself in many ways and when she couldn't bring herself anymore wealth than what she had already amassed, she sought out the assistance of a black mass of witches that lived deep in the forest close to Bedford.  Of course Hetty wasn't about to pay money for their services and when the black mass made a counter offer of Hetty offering her soul, she hastily agreed.  Hetty enjoyed the rest of her life-- well enjoyed is a conditional word-- living and collecting her riches but not ever doing anything with it.  It was quite terrible actually.  It is safe to say, though, that these riches didn't follow her into the afterlife.  The nearly $1.5 Billion dollars (in today's measurement of currency) that she had turned up during life didn't follow her, which is terrible, considering she had sold her soul to get it.  Who knows where Hetty is at now, or who is keeping her soul in captivity... all we know is that she had a nice collection of very powerful wealth items.  And we have one of them! 

This item is one of the items that Hetty sold her soul for.  You don't have to worry, because the piece has no negative connotations to it whatsoever.  It was simply Hetty's decision to pay with her soul and it does not have to be yours.  We don't accept payment by soul anyhow; but it you have another means to pay then you should put this piece into high priority!  Why you ask?  Because this piece holds some of the most powerful and effective wealth energies that I have experienced to date!  This piece will begin amassing wealth from you from the very instant you have it.  It will pull wealth powers from beyond our realm of understanding and begin anointing you with this energy.  You will then begin to see the dollars roll in.  This will appear in many different forms including winnings, earnings, promotions, inheritance, law suits, and just about any other way you can think of to make a buck.  You don't even have to put forth much effort.  All you have to do is where the item and will surround you in an orb of wealth magic!  You don't want to be caught without this piece, especially in today's society where the government controls 97% of the capital and the times keep getting tougher!  Want to be self-sufficient?  This piece is your answer!!

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