Imagine, if you can, the day when you've fully mastered the art of tapping and directing the ultimate Power of the Universe. <br /><br />

Pretend that anything you can imagine, you can make happen with a thought.  As a modern-day miracle-worker, you could manifest anything by simply choosing to do so.  Now, what will you do with such incredible Power?<br /><br />

~Would you use this Power to find lost TREASURES to fill your bank account with gold?   <br /><br /> 

~Would you use this Power to make your ideal lover SUDDENLY appear on your doorstep, ready to serve you all the days of your life?  <br /><br />  

~Would you use this Power to give yourself a HUGE boost of energy and vitality, ensuring that your body will keep up with your plans for the next hundred years or so?<br /><br />
~Would you use this Power to help mankind, healing the sick and injured, giving hope to the poorest of society, and otherwise giving others new hope for the future?<br /><br />    

~Would you use this Power to create PHENOMENAL good luck, giving yourself the favored odds in any and all games of chance?<br /><br />
~Would you use this Power to use psychic impressions to predict the future and gain an INFINITE advantage over those who are unable to do so?<br /><br />    

~Would you use this Power to command UNQUESTIONING obedience from those incredibly frustrating people that seem to enjoy making life difficult for you, and turn them into programmed robots waiting on you hand and foot?<br /><br />

However you choose to use this Power is up to you! The severity of illuminated embrace that is upon this piece was factored by the Mystical waters of the Nile River. <br /><br />

The waters were implemented with a majestic spell that caused all generative miraculous abilities to circulate upon the river... this took place only once in history and this piece was worn by the empowerer that created this manifestation of infinite glory!<br /><br />

The impeccable ability to utilize your life in any way you wish, is a true remarkable asset that will conspire when you work with this item!<br /><br />

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