Alpha Galates is a secret estoric society that worked with the Nazi's on what was known as the Christ Magic

Christ Magic was the seeking out of the miracles and power in which they believed he held and also left here for certain ones to find.

They were also very political,into astrology and were able to prove to themselves that the ancient myths were true to the creatures and powers that were passed down

The main secret goal was research and the tracking down of magical objects both of white light and dark magic. This is one of them.

This piece is very old and made of sterling silver and the stone is real.  The ring is a size 5 1/2, but can be used as a pendant on a chain as well.  This holds what is called a tear of Jesus. There were 7 of them and when I got it there were two. I used one and there is one left. This is worth more then a brick of gold when you realize what can be done with it. You ask for anything and it doesn't matter what you ask for you will get it.

What I don't want is you thinking that you should grab this up so you can become wealthy. You can, but sit and think a minute about what you can do with it that will really make a difference in your life. While you can ask for wealth would it not be better to ask for the ability to grant yourself WHATEVER you want at anytime? What about supreme knowledge? Could that not also give you what you want?

I have to say I did use the one and I asked for something along those lines. You get the good with the bad. Not that bad things happen to you because they don't. I seriously doubt that the tears of Jesus would ever cause that to happen. But my eyes were opened to one thing that I did not want to see. I have always held the belief as crazy as it seems that a good souled person could turn a black being or demon into love again. I was wrong. I always feel that there is good in all people including the Ice Man killer from NJ. When you look at the mans life what made him that way? His mother did. What made the demons the way they are? Jealousy did. Do you know why?

You all sit and think that angels are so powerful but did you know that it is YOU that will judge them? Who is favored? It is you. I'm not going to get into this entire conversation because I'm no saint myself,I get mad,I can throw a fit and sometimes it is even my way or the highway.

I get mad if people do not listen to me when I have experienced it and know it to be true. Like right now,I'm calling out Nancy,she thinks she can make it on her own in the battle she is fighting,she can't and she won't but I will not email her nor will I push her. When she realizes she needs help it will be the time to help her.

My goal is to not flash my ego or speak of my hits but to help,educate and not screw people around. Most people in the paranormal field will not speak of money but I will. I want your money and I need it to. I need it so I can continue research,investigations and paying my employee's as well as paying my own bills. This is normal,this is life. Don't let people fool you with cheap trinkets and false hopes. Educate yourself and buy what will help you on your path because in the end what you can do and where you will go is all that matters.

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