Our government operates on a very need-to-know basis.  By this I mean that they need to know everything about our ever move; at times it even seems like they need to know our daily bathing routines.  However, when it comes to information that they possess, then it truly is on a need-to-know basis, meaning they hide rights that otherwise would legitimately belong to any citizen.  Listen, while we don't necessarily promote anarchy, we do think that if you have a right as a citizen, under any type of governmental indoctrination, then you should practice it.

In a book in the Library of Congress there is a secret rules book that was made way back before George Washington was ever elected president of the United States.  It was made during the colonial days when the government of the United States as an entity was emerging.  The founding Masonic fathers wanted to make sure that they always had a way to be on top of the game, lest they should ever fall behind.  This is when they chartered the rule book that applies to all Americans, but was tailored for their specific needs and kept secret from the general population.

Over the years the secrets in this book have been added to and the contents of the book have grown longer and longer as politicians and the elites want to enjoy more and more freedoms that they don't want to share with the average person.  It is important to remember, however, that these rules have been implemented in such a way that makes them legal for everyone... if everyone knew about them.  Again, they have remained a secret since the First Continental Congress and unless you really dig or you are part of the Masonic elite society that rules our country, you will never know.

Up until the early 1940s to know this information you really just had to know it. In the 1940s however, the book was changed over to a digital format that would be able to be stored in the super computer at the base in the Pentagon.  Yes,the 1940s had computers... and if you think that's surprising you should really look into what else was going on.

Anyhow, in accordance to this new digital format for the super computer, there were insignia items designed by the government to make it easier for specified individuals to access this information and to keep tabs on who was accessing the information-- you know, like a Big Brother control program.  Hello, George Orwell.  Obama has recently inducted a whole bunch of new secrets into the super computer that gives the upper crust Masonic people even more loopholes and control.

This item is electronically chipped to tie into the information that has been programmed into the super computer, which to the people that access this information is called, "the Brain."  This item holds secrets on how to legally secure offshore bank accounts, legalized tax evasion, the cheapest rates for phone service, energy, and gasoline.  The piece will give you all the secret underground Masonic plans for complete takeover of the country and will give you the ability to store up mass amounts of wealth just as they have.  It will give you a direct connection to know the latest technologies that have become available to technically legal to use against our own citizens, as they are governed by this book of special rules.  This piece hold information regarding secret mind control powers, remote viewing abilities through common technology, and the Grand Masonic Lodge of America, with detailed versions of how all of this stuff works.

It will teach you how to legally change your identity and who you are, how to make untraceable phone calls, how to avoid government surveillance spyware, how to cash a check without an ID so that way you cannot be tracked, and transfer millions of dollars offshore without ever being penalized.  Learn how to travel the world without a passport and how to manipulate your credit score without ever paying a cent!  Learn how the government computes winning lottery numbers!

To use the piece, simply wear it.  The information will be wirelessly transmitted to you.  You will then be able to access this intrinsic book of secrets that has been the real governing document since the creation of our country. 

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