Amphisbaena is a type of Red Dragon that reunites lost love. To use this piece you must have lost love or a lover that you wish to be with. This Red Dragon will reunite those by cutting his body in half and then reconnecting it. This is why two pieces are needed to call upon this dragon. There is a very simple ritual which you must do to complete what you wish. It is very easy and is done with in one day. You will need to wear both earrings which are made of sterling and Ruby and very attractive while on. A man can make them into pendants if he wishes or you may wear them too but I would not recommend that unless you like to look like a woman. This is a very strong dragon and it is all it will do. This is a very good piece for love as it is all it does for you and so it is concentrated. Items for gaining a lover or love are easy but gaining one back is a bit harder. With this piece you can do that. The dragons name is Svebib.
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