The entrance of the hollow earth in Iceland

In 1967, the Apollo 8 mission took images of the earth from space. These photos were only showed to the public in black and white, while NASA and the little known top secret space agency NSO (National Reconnaissance Office) kept the color copies of the photographs. The reason they kept the color copies was because these photos showed a hole in the earth near Iceland. In black and white, the hole just looks like clouds because of effects.

That being said, it may give closure to why a Viking colony merely vanished in Iceland in 985 A.D. Eskimos were interviewed centuries later, being asked, “What happened to our people here? Where did they go?” The Eskimos revealed that the Vikings kept moving north and found a “paradise” but that the Eskimos wouldn’t go there because they felt that this “paradise” had evil spirits. This “paradise” is where the hollow entrance to the earth is. It is always warm like summer and is populated with large caribou and musk-ox. The Vikings loved it here and wanted to stay forever. But, something happened and they were never to be seen again.

The Vikings will never be seen again because they love where they live. There is peace and harmony among the people and they live forever. They are up to date on the times and all things modern. They just have found a paradise inside the Earth. On accident it was found but they were able to move back at anytime. It is so great they decided not to.

The life they live is very much like ours in that they have children,get married and have domestic duty. What is different is that when a child is born it lives to it is 23 and then stops aging. There is no DNA screw ups in the children. The adults stopped aging and will live until they decide to die.

We have a guy that was just hired a month ago and he is going on investigations that we can't get to because of all we had to do over the holiday. He also does ones that would take us way to long to do. You will only see a few of his because they take so long. He was also employed by me because he has many connections and can get away with getting into certain places.

This items your looking at gives you the purity of those that have the clear DNA. It will also stop the aging process dramatically. The main thing though is to clear up the DNA because once that is done all your senses can be used.

All senses would be your psychic abilities and true birth nature. If you think back to bible times people lives into the hundreds still having children. This is because they were not that far removed from Eden at that time. Even still they were tainted,DNA was still bad but something in this paradise found by the Vikings has cleared all that to a crystal clear water that heals us,stops aging and gives us back the gifts we used to have.

These are all in sterling silver with Lapis Lazuli.
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