Anafiel’s Ring of God

I’m not sure if there was ever a woman who bought a stairway to Heaven. What I am sure of, though, is that this piece will bring you pretty darn close. I can also guarantee that it is gold and it will glitter. In fact, this piece is very valuable. While the piece is made of Earthly material, the piece itself does not come from this world at all. I received this piece a while ago, and I have been working with it for over a year. After working with the piece for so long and bonding with the item, I have finally been able to release the powers that encompass its existence.

The piece that you see below was not sent to me from a source, nor have I obtained from any type of investigation. Rather, this piece came to me. This piece sought me out. Just a little bit over a year ago, this piece came to me in the form of a dream.

Shortly after I fell asleep one cold December night, I awoke to a being standing near the foot of my bed. Okay, let me clarify that I only THOUGHT I was awake. It was one of those types of dreams. You know, the kind that you could swear that you were awake, but were asleep nonetheless.

The spirit reached out to me and almost as if I had no control over my body I held out my hand to his. As my body met the tip of what I can really only describe as his fingers, I felt a current run through my body. I didn’t feel like electricity, because it didn’t hurt. Rather, it was a feeling complete contentment and satisfaction. I remember thinking that if this was the rest of my life, I wouldn’t care in the least bit.

After only a few seconds, which seemed to last for an eternity, the spirit took me with him to somewhere different. He took me to a place that I knew in an instant wasn’t of this world. The streets there were paved with gold and precious stones. He led me up a walkway of rubies, in through the door to a mansion that he referred to as the Palace of Zebul.

Once inside the Palace of Zebul, I encountered many things that were magical and divine in nature. I wandered through the palace among angels, as if I were one of them; as if I was walking on a cloud, perfectly content and spiritually awakened. I saw many angels and they all gave me glad tidings and blessings. I was led to a room where there was a throne made of precious gold, inlaid with diamonds. On the throne there was a pillow and on the pillow, ther was a ring box. The spirit pointed and I opened the box.

I heard a sound like trumpets playing in the distance, and the spirit identified himself Anafiel, Guardian Angel of the Heavenly Palace of Zebul. Inside the box, I saw the signet ring that I am offering you. I took the ring from the box, and just like that my dream was over. However, when I awoke, I was wearing the signet ring from my previous dream.

I was a little bit surprised, and when I got it to headquarters, I began testing it immediately. After over a year of testing, I have been able to determine that this piece holds the spirit of Anafiel. He will act as your guardian angel and help you along your spiritual journeys. As for the ring, it is Anafiel's Ring of God.

Whoever wears the Ring will be transformed into the Vizier of God. You will undergo a complete spiritual overhaul. You will manifest God’s power on Earth, being able to practice all of his powerful magic and secret alchemy. You will gain the ability to hold direct dialogue with God and the Angels. This will make you a walking talking prophecy of God and what is to come. Your spiritual existence will be heightened to a point where all sorrow and dismay will be vanquished and replaced with hope and good fortune.

This power gives you control over all other powers, especially power over the dark arts and black magic. It is your spiritual protection from any type of astral sabotage. This piece is a complete manifestation of what it means to be an angel prince. You are going to be completely transformed. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime-- scratch that-- an ETERNITY!! You will receive the piece that you see below.

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