Chakratic Energy Flow: Anahata

Love is defined as a strong emotion of affection and personal attachment. It is a term of endearment and personal connection. It is the very thing that helps us survive and the very thing the hurts us the most; but let's face it, we all want to love and be loved. And, as the old expression goes, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I guess this is true, but what if there was a way to kind of get a handle on this emotion; to really control it, so that way you could understand what was going on with your emotions and inside your head at all times?

If you feel like this you are in luck, because I often felt the exact same way, which led me to searching and finding out that an energy in your body, known as the Ananhata, controls the balance of emotion, compassion, and self-acceptance (or love). This energy, which is also called the fourth chakra, or the heart chakra, regulates your ability to hold relationships, both romantic and not, with those around you. The heart chakra, which is characterized by the element of air and the color green, is the creator of the emotion love. It helps all things both internal and external exist in harmony and play their own distinct part of the whole. In this way, it holds control over the integration of opposites in our psyche such as mind and body, persona and shadow, ego and unity.

Physically, this chakra is located at the center of the sternum bone, in front of the heart and lungs. Thus, this chakra is known as the heart chakra and is characterized by the element of air. Interruption to the positive flow in this chakra can eventually cause asthma, lung cancer, and a variety of heart complications. This chakra also draws ties with the hymus gland, which regulates and controls the effectiveness of the immune system.

The pieces that you see here are from a group of para-scientific investigators who voluntarily produce energies that will assist the existence of humankind. They have developed these pieces merely because they had interest to do so. These pieces will work extremely well, as this group is very passionate about their hobby in creating these energies. It also helps that I have personally tried each and every one of these pieces and can attest to their effectiveness.

These pieces will give your Anahata an energetic boost that will launch it into activation, giving you complete control over all of your emotions, including your ability to love and be loved. Your inner emotions will be balanced, increasing your ability to hold relationships with others around. It will give you an air that will draw people to you for comradeship and romanticism, alike. You will be given the ability love deeply and feel compassion for yourself and others which will boost your self-acceptance, making you more appealing as a friend, family member, and lover. This piece will internalize your emotions and help you keep them under control. It will also integrate all opposites within your spiritual being, giving you the ability to master spiritual oneness. This will ultimately increase your spiritual unity, which will allow you to spiritually centered and at peace. This will help you to clear your mind of stress and external factors that may be cause you harm.

On the physical side of things, increasing the energy flow to the Anahata, will significantly decrease your chances of developing the physical ailments, described above, including complications with the heart, lungs, and immune system. Since this fourth chakra is the chakra of the heart and that is where the soul lives, increasing the energy flow to this chakra will greatly increase your self-realization and for the first time your attention will become adjoined to your spiritual existence and you gain a full knowledge and understand of existence and how the world operates. This will help you become your true spiritual self, because at this point, you will shed you outer shell that consists of your ego and social conditioning and become who you were truly meant to be.

Lastly, this piece will help you when determining your status when it comes to friendship and other types of relationships, both romantic and not. With your energy being at full blast, you will be able to read others emotions with the sense of touch, such as the embrace of a hug or a handshake. You will be able to interpret their emotions, understanding how they truly feel about you and if the situation is worth the endeavor.

On this piece the charm is sterling silver,the chain could be too.
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