Ancestoral Worship The ancient Chinese believed that when a family member died, their spirit could either help, or punish, their living descendents. To keep these powerful ancestors happy, the Shang honored them with regular offerings of food and drink, and ritual sacrifices. You cannot fathom the allure that comes from spirits who are in the passage way to their afterlife. The means of the beliefs of the Chinese got us to do research and we equated that the happenings surrounding the facets of their demeanor was accurate. The first objective as a soul leaves a body is to be near ones that they love... if they realize that you have a bad intent, or are not truly mourning their loss, they can alienate you through the spirit realm. Sometimes those who do not have any close family, or friends, will aggitate upon random people... this being why some state that they see dead people. If you are unaware of their abilities and the implications that they hold they can transfer negative facets upon your spirit... or have you do something that is out of character for you! This item is a piece that will implore a perpetual explosion that will enrich your body to not allow the spirit to unwillingly connect with you and allow control for their bodies. BASICALLY, THIS PIECE IS A WHITE LIGHT PROTECTION PIECE. IT HAS BEEN HOLY POWERS FROM THE CHINESE ANCIENTS THAT PROTECT YOUR BODY FROM POSSESSION AND SPIRITUAL TAKEOVER. THIS IS THE PERFECT PIECE TO WEAR TO WARD OF TRAVELING SPIRITS LOOKING FOR A VESSEL OR DEMONS LOOKING TO REINCARNATE AND WREAK HAVOC. YOU CAN ALSO USE THIS PIECE WHEN TRAVELING ON ASTRAL REALMS, TO KEEP YOUR SOULS SAFE OF TAKEOVER... OR YOU CAN WEAR IT JUST BECAUSE TO PROTECT YOU AT ALL TIMES!! ADDITIONALLY, THIS PIECE WILL ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT WITH PAST, DECEASED RELATIVES... EITHER TO CONNECT TO A LOST LOVED ON OR TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR LINEAGE! EXCITING, RIGHT? I KNOW!! I TRACED MY ROOTS BACK TO THE FIRST REICH! THIS IS A VERY CHARMING NECKLACE WITH A STERLING SILVER PENDANT THAT HOLDS A BURST OF WHITE LIGHT!
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