Ancient Blends of Power (size 6.5) --

This piece holds an enchantment spell that was inhabited into the stone by a Sorcerer. The follicles of your senses will rise as you are granted inspiring strength, knowledge, wisdom and grace.

The effects of your spirit will implore your body in a Universe that can radiate all of your existences in the realms of the world.

This is an imperative re-tribute piece that will ensure you the understanding of the ancient rituals, magic and energies that brought forth all of the conjunctions and technology that are used today!

This is an intriguing piece that will truly bring you amazing abilities to conquer and advance in today's world!

The spell is also invoked to make you a force for gaining assets. You will be like a magnet pulling in great things, you will become extremely lucky and will find yourself being in the right place at the right time and getting deals of a lifetime~

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