There is an ancient prophesy that speaks about Joan of Arc. It speaks about how she will come again during the end times to give more prophesies. These prophesies will end up saving the lives of many.

The stone of the ring is said to be a stone of communication with God. We haven't been there when this has happened, but this is what other testers have reported. It appears that at different times, different divine figures will speak through this piece, including God and Jesus, who are not the same being.

The ring is in 10k gold and is almost a size 6. It can be resized without hurting it, since it is the stone that is most important. This piece has been passed down many times. It becomes active when there is great need for what this ring offers. Testing shows that this ring has activated again due to the times. Once active, it becomes alive in a way and it embodies the life and power of Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc will come to whoever holds this piece. She will come to man or woman, it doesn't matter. She will not work with those that have a dark nature. This ring is meant for someone that has a good heart and soul. She will help you so that you can help others.

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