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This piece was pulled off the neck of the conjured Warlock Hi. That is his name but I'm not sure if I'm spelling it right. You say it HI just as if you were saying hi to someone.  

He was conjured up by a person who I know very well. I don't want to say they are exactly a person but whatever,they did it and they know what they are doing.

The warlock is a servant of Lilith and this is the piece he wore and which gave him all historical knowledge and power. This is big and it is heavy,if you tossed it at someone they are going to die. This is also all silver. The back of it has all these little circles on it like the scales of a snake.

This is dual if not dark.  As I explained before I have no place to put the dark items or the dual items anymore. I will list them here but they take a little longer to ship because they are not in the house.

The things I have learned from this piece have blown my mind.  I was so shocked and some of it I'm still working on. The power it gives off is the same that HI had when he wore it. All that power can not be pulled from you. It is embedded.

How this works is first you wear it,just a day,24 ours is all it takes.

Then you take it off because it is a planchette! You use it on your Ouija board. You can make your own or use any Ouija Board. When you do this it will answer all your questions about anything. Your imagination is the limit and on top of that you gain some serious power.
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