In today's society, religion has completely manipulated spirituality into something that God had never intended for it to be.  They have hijacked our way of thinking by effectively cherry picking and hand selecting the words of prophets.  They have included indoctrination that includes teachings that are according to the perverse agenda, leaving out those messages that don't coincide with their political agenda.   The history of religion has worked this way.  It begins with holy sourcing of energy and powers, preached good messages, and then people who claim to be prophets go and mess things all up.  Or, people who claim to have authority that has been vested in them by God, go and started picking things off the rack that has to do with what they think religion should be and not necessarily what it really is. Welcome to the 21 Century and the popularity of the King James Bible.  Do you know how many other books have been written by very Godly individuals?  For instance Abraham, the father of all religion wrote his own book that was not selected to be part of King James' teachings... just because-- probably just because it didn't coincide with King James wishes and what he wanted his people to think.  This is called being a false prophet and it is very, very bad.

Nevertheless, you have nothing to fear.  We found this item during an investigation of an abandoned church in Southern New Jersey.  It began to speak to Deedee in a language that she couldn't quite make out, because she doesn't speak Hebrew are any of those ancient languages.  However, it was able to psychically communicate with her and she said that she kept seeing the word truth flash in the front of her mind like a neon sign outside of a cabaret.  She wasn't initially sure what the piece was about, but she knew that it was a good thing and that it was going to be used for purposes of manifesting truth to whomever would use it.  It was only later, during our investigation into this piece, that we determined that kind of truth that piece actually brings to those who use it.

This piece is important to have in a society whose government has otherwise completely brainwashed its constituents.  In fact, it goes as far as to infiltrate the religious institutions of today and tell them what they are or aren't to preach. It began way back at the creation of the church.  Satan has planted his seed in evil men who continue to carry out his works by diminishing the world of God as it was intended to be-- a story of a loving God that wants us to grow in spirituality, not a a hateful, vengeful God that wants to send people to Hell if they don't shape up.  People today are forced into loving God and not given a chance to really know who God is.  This limits our spirituality and restricts our relationship with God.

This piece is a an enlightenment piece that will open up direct communication with the archangel, Gabriel who is the messenger of God.  With his divine knowledge you will be able to tell what's really God's message and what is fake.  You will be able to interpret the indoctrination of a Godly code that will reveal all secrets and validity of those messages you hear and those indoctrinations you will read.  You can live above  the mass manipulation and mind control going on by holy clerics that are "official" representations of God.  Why go to an imposter, when you can go straight to God himself through his messenger angel, Gabriel?  This piece will allow you the godly conscience necessary to know the whole truth, the only truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God!

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