I'm so sick about this. I just finished typing it and then it went away. I took too long because I had so much to say. OMG,I'm so mad!

Anyway I will not re type it all again.

Now your going to get a short version of it because I had to type.

The night of the seance I went to bed and dreamed of St. Germain. It wasn't a real dream he was there.

St. Germain showed himself to me and he looked different at various times. He said that he is still here and that I even know him but not well.  He even said I could feel him.

he told me so much about what we really are and what we have inside of all of us. He went on to say that some of us are on the wrong track and that transmuting gold is not as we think it is. He told me that I had the Violet flame inside of me and that I was to use it.

He explained that while I slept he took my blood and soul and made it into gold and that gold is our violet flame but that our soul is also golden. That part was a little hard to understand but he is coming back again to speak with us when we have another seance.

St. Germain showed me streets of gold and told me too look up where other placed were lined with gold. He said that we are made in the image of God and that it means we can be just like him and do all that he can do himself. We must find that Violet Flame which is in us. He also explained to me about my picture,those that you take that show the aura. Mine is white with a violet streak. He told me that streak can be brought out externally and used to do whatever I want to. St. Germain told me we could even fly and that those that levitate do so because they have harnessed the flame.

He also told me that we will judge the angels and all those that are below us. I asked him if we could judge the angels and they are superior to us in power then how come we need them to protect us and guide us?  St. Germain said to me that we didn't because we are so much more powerful then them. We have yet to tap into what had been God given to us. Why is that I asked him and he told me because there is still darkness in the world that works to keep us blinded to it all.

When I woke up that morning and I woke up early too which was odd considering the time I went to bed.

I woke to find all these gold links all over me,thousands of them. They were in my hair and all over my body. It took me over an hour to get all of them in one place. It was as if I was sprinkled with golden links.

I took them and had them all connected together. St. Germain asked me to have a symbol of eternity placed on one end and so I did.  He has been helping me ever since and wishes to come and speak to everyone again.

If this item was sold in a store the cost would be around 800.00 so your price here for all it can do is good.

I can send it right away or hold onto it until the next seance and have St. Germain speak directly to you. I think that is best but it is up to you. I know that if I hold onto it until he comes back again he can bond it to you forever.

His visit has really changed my life in the way that I look at things. What you do is all up to you but he wilol guide you and you will catch your own violet flame. Each year the power will increase as you own it. Also this is long enough to have you make two things out of it or even three.

I only have one and something else like it and from him that will go in a mystery box.

You will be glad that you have this. There is also a secret that I know wbout him that would blow your mind!

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