As a human, the most comforting feeling we can have is to know that after this life we have a life of grandeur waiting for us, where we will have to bear no hardships and that suffering and sorrow will be eliminated.  There is no better promise of what it means to live in the realm of Heaven than the blessing of an angel.  Angels are obviously white light beings that have been born by God to live in the Kingdom of Heaven unless otherwise summoned for other purposes such as being messengers, prophets, etc.  With this piece, called Angel Eggs, you will allowed to birth half a dozen angels.   Obvious angels aren't born from eggs, but each of the white like seeds in the nest basket represent one of the angels you will be allowed to birth-- or create.  You can name you angel anything you want to name it and you can give it any power that you want to give it, just the same way God can when he births his angels.  This will, later, give you the ability to summon your angel for whatever power you decided to give it, so choose wisely, and know that they are all white light beings and will exhibit only white light magic. 

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