This is a very simple piece that I gained when I was on an astral one time in the one of the Seven Edens.  The Seven Edens are where God keeps his various secrets such as the New Jerusalem that will fall to Earth, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Garden of Eden, his boundless mansions that read about in the Bible, his Realm of Souls, and a ton of other things that you will often hear about but never see.  This all changes with this piece, that I was given by the prophet Samuel when I traveled to Heaven.  The piece isn't super old, but was hand made by a living, immortal prophet that lives on Earth.  The piece was just transported to the Seven Edens to gain the trio of angels that it possesses, called seers.  These seer angels will let you use this power to see through their eyes into the Seven Edens so that way you can encounter the vast and many secrets of God.  This way when His plan is set into action and the thousand year war ensues, you will know that victory will be to those who are holy.  It will also allow you to observe some pretty exciting powers that you will be able to bring back in the mortal realm with you upon your return! 

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