Angelic Blessings/F* Regardless of religion we all have reasoning behind creation. We were traveling through Maryland last week and found a pawn shop that was selling a variety of pieces. This piece was by itself behind the counter and I asked about it. The owner said that it was a cherished piece that belonged to the family and that it wasn't for sale.

I asked if I could see it and while I was looking at it he started to tell me of the misery of his life years ago. He had lost many family members in a fire and then several to deadly diseases; he was left in a horrible place. He then received this pendant from someone as a pawn item and ever since he has embraced it his life just started to turn around. He believed that it was his lucky charm.

I told him that we are sensitive and have ritual tests that could call upon the piece to see if it truly had powers. He was interested in learning about it and so we went to the car and got some materials and came back to perform a ritual.

I could see that he indeed was blessed by this piece. It brought good fortune, success to a business and boosted the mans morale. It will grant blessings of need to the one who receives it.

We also learned that he had gained all the powers that were granted to him; he no longer needed to the piece in his possession!

He still didn't want to let it go, but after a lot of persuading and knowing that it can be used to help someone else; he sold us the pendant.

It is a very old, valuable piece that will bring you blessings beyond imagine. It is recharged as it gets passed along and will assist in helping make your life better. The Angel knows what you need and will bring you life changing blessings -- this piece is incredible and will work for anyone ~ it will not last!!

This piece is gorgeous and on a sterling chain and the charm has sterling in it too.
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