This piece is very unique.  It used to be a prayer box, where you would write down the things that you want, that way they would be delivered to God and he could grant you your request.  This piece has changed hands many times and has picked up some power in the meantime. 

This piece is a little winged cherub.  She opens up at the bottom. This little angle will accpet 7 wishes from you,we call them wishes but they are really things and situations you want in life. You decide what it is you want and then place a drop of blood inside.  Allow it to sit in there for three days before you clean it.  The power of the blood alchemy wil activate the wishing power, so as long as you were mentally wishing for something when you dropped your blood into the piece, then you will be alright.  Your wish will come true.  You have to repeat this process for each of the 7 wishes. 

All you need to do with this angel after you drop the blood into the compartment is allow her to sleep next to you each night.  Put her on your bed stand or hang it around the bed post.  You can even wear it if you want to--  As long as she is with you while you sleep for the three day cycle.  After the three days, you wish will become manifested into your life! 

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