MM 12-20-09

The pendulum is a tool you can use tune into your intuition, find the answer to any question, and locate objects and energy centers in the earth. The energy around this is amazing, You Decide what Angel you need and these you can find a list of on the forum you may not get the one you ask for but you will get one this I believe but can't say for sure is when you call an Angel they know what you need and the one that will best help you most likely would be who you get, you will always get one of white light never dark.

Through the Looking Glass, Narnia Chronicles, Brigadoon share a common theme. "Portals, inter-dimensional doorways, two-way tunnels, curtains of light" are a recurring concept in our cultural tradition allowing for travel between worlds and a means of transcending time and space.

This is especially wonderful as it swings freely creating and Angelic portal allowing which ever Angel you call to pass through freely. This is such a stunning piece when you are not using it as a pendulum you will be proud to wear it and if it is not commented on I would be shocked it is that nice.

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