This is a service that gives an angelic transformation. This does NOT turn you into an angel. No one can turn you into an angel,just letting you know. What this service does do is to give you the power of certain angels. These angels include- Dominions Thrones Archangels warriors Principalities Seraphim Virtues Cherubim Powers Each one of these angel types holds certain powers that you will hold in your mind,hands and body,you will have full use of them. This is a pure white light transformation. This is not DUAL in anyway. Even if you have heard of warrior angels in battle and consider that dual it is not! You need to look at the situation. So YES you will have the power to do battle and WIN!! This is as close as you can get to full power then anything else. To get one of these services or to ask about any other you can email me at We are trying to have a set of people done this November in new Orleans. If you book one of these services at anytime you will get one free night booked for you at a hotel,many times we will also pick you up from the airport if your not on some weird time,we will also take you back if need be. Before the transformation you will meet the group which could include Tomer,Shine,Jason,Myself and of course Steve. We never know who is going and don't know until the time. This IS life changing and you will never forget it.
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