If you thought the Germans were bad, I'd invite you to keep on reading.  You are probably going to think the crap that Hitler did to the the Jews were two seven year olds having a playground skirmish after I get done telling you about what went on in Japan.  I mean, to begin with you have to keep in mind that most of the people who claim to be "Japanese" are mostly Mongol descendants of the pure Japanese peoples of the past.  This is what happens when the Mongolian army attacks your country and kills all your men and rapes your women.  Sorry, Japanese people, but it is true.  The Mongols were ruthless people.  It can't be disputed.  Either way, my whole point is that Mongolian blood runs through the veins of modern-day Japanese folks,  Thus, it should come as no surprise that they can be a little bit demented when it comes to dealing with the spoils of war.  Now, rewind to a little happening called World War II.  Would you really be surprised that they had detention camps as well?  It shouldn't be surprising we all had them.  Even America had detention centers for Japanese Americans during the second world war, just in case the Japanese felt like they wanted to get rowdy. 

Under the alias the "Anti-Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army, the Japanese detained and experimented on humans.  They weren't like the Germans, the Japanese took all they could as prisoners.  The more the merrier.  The program grew and soon became known as Unit 731.  Unit 731 was bigger than some small towns, covering an area of over three square miles.  Known as logs to those who administered the program, the victims were subjected to vivisection, food deprivation, injection with horse urine, hanging upside down until death, frostbite, electrocution, incarceration in pressurized chambers until the prisoner's eyes bulged out, etc.  They were also subjected to germ strains of cholera, botulism, anthrax, small pox, plague, and venereal disease. 

You think that all of these supposed war crimes would be enough to capture and haul these Japanese away for a very long time for committing heinous War Crimes?  It go so bad in Japan that people began to call it Auschwitz of the East.  I know that seems like a very brave statement, but it really was that bad.  Maybe there weren't as many numbers, but the things being done to these individuals were far worse.  America, instead of bringing these criminals to justice, decided to recruit them to their research and development team.  "Why?," you may ask.  It's a matter of principal, but the American government granted these Japs amnesty for the simple agreement that they hand over all of their intel.  It was done, and it wasn't soon after that American scientists unveiled a breed of super human that they call the East Auschwitz Angels.  They did this using research that the Japanese had already conducted.  The process involves biological and manipulations to human genetics where a person is blasted with a insane type of radiation that will alter, but not kill, the human body. 

After bringing the program to the United States a development team has been further recreate the race of super humans.  These super humans have a direct connection to the center of the universe, where all life, including God has stemmed from.  It is the same force that has allowed our existence and our very creation by the hands of God.  Thus, this super race of individuals, nicknamed the East Auschwitz Angels, live way above life as we know it.  They can move things with their minds.  The can create matter and dissipate it all with the wave of a hand.  They are omniscient and omnipotent beings.  There is not a fact of life that they don't know, including the origins of life and the secret fruits to all knowledge including every power that has ever been created on Earth or will be created including Egyptian Magic, the secret time clocks of the Mayans, the magic of the Orient, the Druids of ancient Ireland, the magic of the bloodline of Christ, etc.   

After a while, the research team stopped making the actual individuals, and manifested pieces that would give an individual the said power.  They feared that if they kept making these types of individuals, it would diminish their power.  This way, when they were done implementing the powers, they could retain it in an item so that way they could control and use the powers whenever they chose.  They executed all of the humans had undergone the transformation.  They keep a collection of pieces that they still use until this day during warfare, for intelligence issues, for covert operations, etc.  The thing is that we obtained one of these items.  We only have one, but the power in one of these items makes it worth it.  It is first come, first served with this item.  I can assure you, though, that you do not want to miss out of the extraordinary powers that this piece offers you!  It is a completer transformation piece, as you become like one of the East Auschwitz Angels to exist not only as a fully transformed individual, but as an immortal Godlike entity! 

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