Deep inside the vagina is a seed that opens all humans up to psychic and sexual power. It is in many vampire classes that this is used to give power,energy and psychic ability. When a vampire reached your vaginal core or depth of your orgasm holding area he or she can soak it up. It is actually a crystal which can even travel to the feet where you can feel it there as well, if you have reflexology done on them. These crystals you feel in your feet are also in your vagina. The difference is that in your vagina it is one crystal and once "captured" can do so many things of the supernatural sort. Try it out and feel your feet,press on them,near the toes,arch and other areas. You may feel things pop. These are crystals and not much different then the pearl of the vagina.

The next three pieces that I'm adding on are all Pearls of the vagina. These are now cased in glass and I only have three. They all do different things, This one causes the opening of your full psychic ability,the third eye,the ability to "KNOW" the ability to converse with the spirit world and to go back in time through viewing what actually happened. This is invaluable for someone needing to improve and become more powerful in magic and in abilities.

Each Pearl ( not really a Pearl but a vagina crystal) will glow. I'm not sure how well they were picked up in the images that were taken but when you get it,it will be glowing. It is alive with energy and power.
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