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Apollo is a many-talented Greek god of prophecy, music, intellectual pursuits, healing, plague, and the sun. Apollo was given diamonds from Zeus as a gift for his accomplishments; he had them set into a pin depicting Apollos face. This piece came as an honor to Apollo and was a prized possession. The pin has since been auctioned many times all of the world; we obtained it from an English Auction house. The pin has been given a new back that allows it to be used as a tie tack. This piece holds the abilities of Apollo within the 6 stones that were gifted to him. Each of the six stones represents one of his abilities and you will be granted these abilities by wearing the piece.

You will first have to wear it while you sleep and dream about how these abilities can prosper in your life. Once you learn how you can use these talents you will be able to capture them through the divine realm and you will be granted these talents as your own! The enchantment of possibilities of how you can use these new abilities is amazing ... when I tested this piece I was able to play the piano (which I never knew how to play before), I could feel warmth inside my body even when it was freezing outside (I think this was from having power from the sun), and I became the person everyone came to for advice because I had a re-found view of the ways of the world.

This pin is simply a great piece that will bring much admiration and talent to your life ~ let the possibilities begin!

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