Apportioned Ring What is known as an "apport" is anything that has materialized during a seance. Whatever your doctrine of thought may be, apportioned items can either be viewed as gifts from the spirits or evidence of conjuring. During a recent seance we conducted with some clients, our medium was able to apport three items, one of which is being sold here. This particular spirit that was being contacted stated that all three of the items to be materialized hold the power to contact any spirit that has passed onto the realm of the dead. We have used this ring on several occasions since to pose question and conversations to spirits, although we are unaware of their names. We have also noticed that only those pure of intention receive any answer back when wearing the ring, so it is thought to be inactive to those with malevolent intent. We really love this one,it's just great for those into the contact of spirits. Update on this item is that it is so strong it will apport other items on some occasions. Sometimes the items are of no use to you other then information and other times they are items of power. At this time items are showing up at Dave's house where we did the seance. Anymore items that show up will be sent to the buyer of this item with the information we have on them. This ring is made of metal and adjustable.
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