This is the last of the charging boxes. This one is made of wood,is wood inside and will hold pendants,necklaces and rings. This will not hold hard bracelets that can not bend due to the size.

TO everyone,

If you are being emailed by an HC staff member you should see a CC on your email. This just shows that the email has been sent to myself and Steve as well as Jason. If you do not see a CC then you should ignore the email and forward to me. If the email is coming just from me then that is okay.

HauntedCuriosities will be away from April 14 to the 29th,we are doing work in New Orleans at that time with some of our customers. Shipping will still go on until the 22nd and resume on the 29th. If you buy between those times know that you will have to wait on shipping. If you can not wait,please don't buy.

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